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"Dizzle" can also be played solo. The goal of the solo game is the same, collect as many points as possible. The game ends after 10 rounds. The rules of the game stay mostly the same.

You need 8 dice and 2 additional dice, which are rolled separately from the 8 actual dice. The 8 dice are used as a general display from which the player takes their dice. The additional 2 dice simulate other players that take dice from the display.

After the player has taken a die and placed it on their game sheet, they must roll the 2 additional dice. Matching with the rolled result, up to two dice must be taken from the general display.

For example, if a "1" and a "4" have been rolled, then a "1" and a "4" must be removed from the display if those numbers are part of the display.

Should there not be a die with a corresponding number, then the player is lucky and does not have to remove a die. Should both dice show the same number, then two dice with the number (if available) are removed.

A bomb that has been crossed out in a solo game yields 2 extra points.

The following chart shows how well a player has played "Dizzle".

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