This game has a lot of details! Here are a few answers to common questions that have come up.

Attack and Defense Dice Pool: What is a dice pool? What if all Defense Dice are in use?

Your party shares the same general Attack and Defense Dice (white) that are used by the Baddies. Once in great while, the Defense Dice pool may run out (from dice on Baddies, Gearlocs, or in Backup Plans). If a party member runs out of Defense Dice to roll, others should exchange Defense Dice in their Backup Plans for Attack Dice to accommodate. …

Q: Can I direct attack Creatures in line before the campfire reveals them?

A: No, Creatures revealed trigger one at a time resolving any power text on the Creature cards first. When all Creatures that can be revealed by the campfire are revealed, then players may direct attack or use abilities.

Q: What happens when a First Position power reduces the number of creatures revealed?

A: As mentioned above, you reveal and resolve Creature powers one at a time. If you start a round with firewood at 7 revealing 2 creatures and reveal a Wyvern that reduces firewood below this threshold, you stop revealing creatures. …

Solo Mode

  1. Proceed as above, starting your Time Point marker on Position 1 of the Time Track.

  2. When taking the Recruit Help action, you may also pay one Gold to discard as many cards as you wish to refresh the display. Do this before selecting the person to recruit.

  3. Choose a difficulty level and start with these resources.

Note: In solo mode, hex number 14 is NOT always surveyed, i.e. no Survey tile is placed there during setup, unless specified.

Solo Objectives

Choose, or select at random one of the Solo Objective cards. …

Experienced players may choose to play with one or more of the following variations.


Instead of buying or removing tiles, a player may choose to put their letters up for auction. Starting with the player to the left and moving clockwise, each player has the opportunity to make a bid, or to pass.

The auctioning player has the final opportunity to bid (and thus can always be sure to get the letter tiles, but cannot be sure what the final price will be). …