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The rules of the basic game also apply for the special edition version. Please not the following changes:

12 maze cards have an encrypted message on the back that helps players to reach their goals faster. These messages can only be found on the 6 maze cards that show a straight path or the 6 that show a right angle path.

Once a player pushes a maze card out of the labyrinth, they check the card for an encrypted message on the back. If the card has an encrypted message, the player may use it for their move. Since all the messages are favourable, it is to the players advantage to follow the hidden instructions.

The messages are coded in symbols which mean the following:

You may insert another maze card in the labyrinth before moving your playing piece.

The player whose turn it is may not look at the hack of the second card that they push out.

You may take two complete turn st insert a maze card move your playing piece insert another card and move your playing piece again.

Your playing piece may switch positions with another players piece and continue to move your piece from its new position (or just leave it where it is).

You may have a Iook at an additional object card from the top of your pile. You can choose which goal to head for first. If you have reached one of these two goals, continue with the object card that is now at the top of your pile.

You may change your current object card with another one that you choose out of your pile. Then shuffle the rest of the pile and move your playing piece (or just leave it where it is).

On your turn, you may go straight through a labyrinth's wall once.

  • These are offers that players do not have to use.

  • They are only to be used once during a current turn!

Also in this variation, players return to their starting positions after having reached all their goals as indicated on their object cards. The first player to return wins the game.

For Younger Children

The game is over as soon as a player has reached all of their goals first.

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