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Unstable Warheads

The malfunction has 1 hit point for each rocket still on the ship, so it may be possible to reduce its hit points by launching rockets before it appears. (Once the malfunction appears, it is not possible to launch rockets until it is repaired). If there are no rockets left on the ship when the threat appears, the threat is immediately destroyed. The card is given to the captain. Rockets on the rocket track do not count toward the malfunction's hit points.

If the threat performs its Z action, take the number of rockets on the ship and subtract the number of red blocks on the card. Multiply the result by 3. The malfunction does this much damage to the zone.


Whenever you move your figure into a station with an oval Slime token, your next turn's action is delayed.

The red zone Slime disables the battlebot squad as its X action, but only if they are not following a player. The battlebot squad is already lying down, so give it a black block to indicate that it is disabled. When you activate the squad (action C) remove the black block, but do not stand its figure up. It will follow your figure around as a disabled battlebot squad until it is repaired (via another action C).

The blue zone Slime destroys a rocket. This reduces the hit points of Unstable Warheads if that threat is in play. The Slime spreads as its Y action. Put an oval Slime token in the indicated station (the lower white station the first time it spreads). This is a progeny Slime.

Progeny Slime acts just like the original Slime. It delays players who enter, spreads in the same direction on Y, and does 2 damage to its zone on Z.

Progeny Slime only has 1 hit point, while the original still has 2. When your battlebot squad damages a progeny Slime, remove its token. This does no damage to the original Slime.

If the original Slime has at least 2 damage blocks, you remove its original Slime token, but the threat card and numbered token stay in play until all the Slime's progeny tokens have been destroyed or have executed the Slime's Z action.

Slime will not spread into a station that already has a Slime token, so you will never need more than 3 tokens: one for each station on the lower deck. Note that if you eliminate the progeny Slime, the orignal Slime can spread into that station again if it executes another Y action.

When Slime executes its Z action it can no longer be destroyed. Its oval tokens remain on the board until the end of the mission. Any player entering any of these stations will be delayed.

Note: Delays on the same turn are not cumulative. Moving to a slimed station using a damaged gravolift on turn 2 when computer maintenance was not done results in nothing more than a standard delay of your turn 3 action... even if you trip when doing so.

Overheated Reactor

Order of play is important. You check for players at the other stations when you perform the action that destroys the threat. Players who enter those stations later in the same turn are not affected, nor are players who leave before you perform your action.


If it has not yet performed action X, it will not disable battlebots that attack it. If it has already performed action X, battlebots that attack it are disabled.


To repair the Fissure, you have to perform two interceptor attacks (each deals 1 damage to the threat). Note that the interceptors attack even on the turn they take off. Until the Fissure is destroyed, interceptors do not target external threats.

After the Fissure's X action, you draw two damage tiles instead of one for each point of damage to the red zone.

After its Y action, this applies to the entire ship. Once the Fissure is repaired, things go back to normal and damage is no longer doubled.

Battlebot Uprising

To repair the malfunction, players can perform action C in either of the two locations. If players do at least one such action in each location in a single turn, the malfunction receives one extra red block at the end of the Player Actions step.

The malfunction's X action knocks out players leading an active battlebot squad, except for a player in space. When the player is knocked out, the battlebot squad is "disabled". The Y and Z actions are executed no matter where the squads are.

Power System Overload

To repair the malfunction, players can perform action B in any of the three locations. If players do at least one such action in each location in a single turn, the malfunction receives two extra red blocks at the end of the Player Actions step.


When the Seeker moves, count up the number of players in every adjacent station (i.e., the 2 or 3 stations that can be reached in 1 move). Move the Seeker into the adjacent station with the most players. In case of ties, do not move the Seeker.

Note that the Seeker may move to a station with fewer players than the one it left: when it seeks, it does not take its current station into account.

If you destroy the seeker, you are knocked out and your battlebot squad is disabled. This will give your crew a -3 penalty during scoring, but the Seeker's points compensate for that.


Initially, four stations are contaminated. (Denote them with oval Contamination tokens).

The threat's X, Y, and Z actions apply to each station that still has a Contamination token at the time of the action.

When you (and your battlebot squad) perform action in a contaminated station, remove the Contamination token there. When you remove the third token this way, you can also remove the fourth - Contamination only has 3 hit points.

If Contamination performs its Z action, leave the remaining Contamination tokens on the board for the rest of the mission. Players entering contaminated stations will be immediately knocked out. (This includes players returning from space if the upper red station is still contaminated).

Nuclear Device

The threat has only one hit point, but it can only be repaired by three players playing action C in that station on the same turn. If only one or two players perform action C, it has no effect.

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