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  • Try to disguise your color as much as possible, at least at the beginning of the game. Avoid moves that favor it too much. Try to discover your opponents' colors, paying attention to their moves.

    You may also want to create situations which force them to reveal themselves (for example, force the next player to choose whether to move a certain hut to a village or not).

  • Often it is not possible to easily identify an opponent's color, but you can learn that a color is not his color. Thus, you can proceed by elimination to discover the player's color.

    The fewer the players, the more this point becomes important.

  • Founding a village is very important, because you gain extra points, which can be very important in the final score.

  • The more your huts are dispersed, the more occasions they will have to be a part of founded villages. Also, try to concentrate your opponents' huts as much as possible in a few territories.

    Pay attention to the territories in which there are all 5 colors! If you only have one hut in a very valuable village, you can gain a big score, but if all 5 colors are present, you will score nothing.

    Move away the huts of one color and try to concentrate many huts of the other colors.

  • Don't let the villages which contain your huts be founded in unfavorable territories. Try to found villages, which do not contain your huts, in unfavorable territories.

  • Remember that a village with 7 or more huts can no longer be moved!

  • Never forget the epoch chart: every time the epoch changes, the favorable and unfavorable territories change. If only one move is needed to form a village, try to accomplish it in the epoch, which is more propitious for you and less for your opponents.

    If you realize that a very dangerous village is about to be founded, try to change the epoch in such a way that the village is founded in an unfavorable territory.

  • Creating two villages in the same move is often a big advantage, especially if you cross two epochs. Then, you can decide which is scored in which epoch! Be careful not to give an opponent such an opportunity and be ready to exploit it if your opponent gives it to you.

  • The last village is also very important: not only does it have the biggest bonus, but it also ends the game, destroying all unformed villages.

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