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A clash is resolved in three steps:

  1. Citadels

  2. Resolution

  3. End of the Clash

I. Citadels

During this step, clans can take shelter in the Citadels of the clashing territory.

A clan in a Citadel is protected and is not involved in the clash in any way. After the clash ends, the clan leaves the Citadel.

Starting with the next player after the instigator and proceeding in turn order, each player (except the instigator) can take one of his clans in the clashing territory and place it in an unoccupied Citadel. This can take several turns; when all Citadels are occupied or no more players wish to occupy them, proceed to the Resolution step.

Each Citadel can protect one and only one clan.

Exposed Clans

During a clash, clans present in the clashing territory who are not in a Citadel are "exposed".

II. Resolution

Starting with the instigator and proceeding in turn order, each player who has one or more exposed clans performs one maneuver. Continue taking turns performing maneuvers until the clash ends.

Very important: Before each maneuver, players with exposed clans may discuss and agree to immediately end the clash.


If the clash has not ended, the player must perform one maneuver. There are three possible maneuvers:

  • Attack
  • Withdraw
  • Epic Tale Maneuver

After each maneuver has been performed, including any Triskel cards that might have been played in response, check to see if the clash ends. If there are no exposed clans in the clashing territory, the clash ends. If there is at least one exposed clan, the clash continues. The next player who has one or more exposed clans performs a maneuver, and so on until the clash ends.


The player chooses an opponent with one or more exposed clans present in the clashing territory.

The attacked player chooses one option: Discard an Action Card: The attacked player chooses an Action card in his hand and discards it with no effect.

Remove an Exposed Clan: The attacked player takes one of his engaged clans and returns it to his reserve.

If the attacked player does not have any Action cards, he has no choice but to remove an exposed clan.


The player moves one or more of his exposed clans to adjacent territories where he is the chieftain. The Withdraw maneuver does not initiate another clash. If a player is not the chieftain of any adjacent territories, he cannot choose to perform this manuever.

Removing A Clan

When a player removes a clan, he takes it from the territory and returns it to his reserve. This clan will be use again during the game.

Important: If a player has several territories as possible options for withdrawal, he can choose to divide his clans among the available options as he wishes.

Epic Tale Maneuver

Some Epic Tale cards with the Triskel symbol can be played "as a maneuver".

Like all other Triskel cards , these cards can be played only during the specific timing and condition indicated on the card.

III. End Of The Clash

A clash ends either when all involved players agree to end the clash or when there are no exposed clans remaining in the clashing territory.

Note that even in the case where only one player still has exposed clans in the territory, he must decide to either end the clash (he is the only one to decide) or to perform a maneuver, probably Withdraw. If he chooses to withdraw with some but not all of his exposed clans, it becomes his turn again as he is the only player with exposed clans in the clashing territory. At this point, he really should end the clash.

When the clash ends, all clans occupying Citadels are taken out and placed back in their territory.

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