Plot Cards

The "Plot Ihickens" introduces Plot cards. Ihese cards provide additional opportunity for Character affiliations to he identified or concealed.

Ihe Plot cards are marked to indicate which cards are included in the game for the number of players present.

  • Games of 5-6 players use 10 Plot cards;

  • Games with 7+ players use all I 5 Plot cards.

Plot Cards are not secret and must remain lace up as soon as they're in play.

Distributing Plot Cards

At the beginning of each Round the Leader draws Plot cards (2 for 5-8 players or 3 for 9-10 players) and distributes the drawn Plot cards to the other players (not himself). Remember there are only 5 Rounds in the game. …

Game Components

  • 16 Place tiles (places)
  • 5 Wheelbarrows (player boards)
  • 15x Wheelbarrow extensions
  • 7x Stickers for the Governor, Smuggler and Merchants
  • 26 Bonus cards
  • 16 Mosque tiles
  • 10 Demand tiles
  • Coins (30 x 1 lira, 15 x 5 lira, 12 x 10 lira)
  • 4 Mail indicators
  • 5 Overviews
  • 1 Starting player marker
  • 1 Governor and Smuggler
  • 32 Rubles
  • 2 Dice


Lay out the 16 Place tiles in a 4x4 grid. This is 1 considered the game board. When playing for the first time, we recommend you use the "Short paths" layout, in which the Place tiles are laid out according to their blue numbers as shown below. …

In this expansion, there are new roles for the dwarves to take as well as new action and path cards that await the players. There are the usual gold-digging dwarves, but now they are split in two teams: the Green Team and the Blue Team. As before, the gold diggers want to drive a mine towards the treasure. But this time, they're not on their own, but have to co-operate with their team mates in order to succeed.

One of the new characters is The Boss. He wins whenever the Green or the Blue Team wins, but always gets one Gold Piece less than them. …

Q: Are you allowed to play tiles without your own color?

A: Yes.

Q: Does each new tile played have to connect to at least two others?

A: No. This rule only applies to Tantrix Gobble.

Q: What happens if filling a gobble creates another gobble with three links of the same color?

A: The original gobble must not be filled, unless it is during the endgame.

Q: Do players still have a free move if they were unable to fill any gobbles?

A: Yes. Each player always has one free move per turn. …

When you play Kamisado, you may wish to keep a record of your moves. This can be useful if you need to break off partway through a match (or even a round) and complete it another time. F

The annotation is totally language independent, and the entry for each move comprises four symbols. Firstly, there is a colored octagon representing the piece which was moved (each different color bearing a different Chinese symbol to assist the color-blind). These octagonal symbols are as shown below: …

Game Components

  • The Zombie Dice set
  • 26 counters (13 of one color, and 13 of a second color)


Before beginning to play, take the original 13 dice that came with the game and set aside the 6 green dice. These will not be used in this variant.

This will leave you with 4 yellow dice and 3 red dice for a total of 7. These will be used in this variant.

Set aside the 26 colored counters. These will be used to keep track of scoring throughout the game. …

Three Player Blink

Blink can be played as a three-player game with the following changes:

  1. Shuffle the cards and deal them, face down, to form three equal draw piles.

  2. Place one draw pile in front of each player.

  3. Each player places the top card from his or her draw pile, face down, so that it is an equal distance between the player and the player to the right. The cards will form a triangle and each player will have a card to the right and to the left. …

The following examples illustrate all of the task tiles, beginning with the 7 starting task tiles (light green backs with a crane) and followed by the 53 remaining task tiles (dark green backs with a parrot).

In general, all tasks indicate a minimum requirement - not an exact number. ^ms, you can always have more of what is required, but not less.

Note: You never need to give anything up when completing task tiles. You only need to show that you have them. …

Game Components

  • Booklet with rules
  • 13 dice
  • A cup to hold the dice

Object of the Game

Try to reach as first player 13 brains.

Game Play

The first player is the one who won the last game, or the one who can say "Braaaaains!" with the most feeling.

On your turn, shake the cup, take three dice from it without looking, and roll them. Each one is a human victim. The red dice are the toughest. Green are easiest, and yellow are medium tough. …

The character cards

These cards are central to the game. They represent the various members of the player's crew as well as important individuals who remain on land. Not all of them have the same influence or the same importance. Moreover, each of them has a special ability which will have to be used during the game.

Each character card has a name and a rank. The rank is written at the top left of the card and goes from 1 to 30. The higher the value, the more important the rank. The character with the highest rank is the Spanish governor. The one with the lowest rank is the parrot (one of the captain's mascots). …