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Play is very similar to regular Blurt!, but there are a few differences:

  • Read only the top Definitions from the blue sides of the cards (these generally define simpler words).

  • Everybody will need some scratch paper and a pencil.

  • There are no Showdowns or Takeovers.

  • You can use all six pawns.

  • You don't use the die.

Game Play

Parents or teachers are always the Readers and kids are the players.

Players don't blurt out loud, but WRITE the word they think the Definition defines. They should try hard to spell the word correctly, and should not let any of the other players see their paper.

Depending on the level of the kids playing, the Reader may want to give the first letter of the word they are defining.

he Reader checks all the answers for the correct word with the correct spelling. Players score on the Game Board as follows:

Correct word, spelled correctly . . . Move ahead 4 squares Correct word, spelled wrong . . . Move ahead 3 squares Incorrect word . . . Don't move

End of the Game

The first one to return to "Start", after going all the way around the Game Board, is the . . . WINNER!

You don't have to land there by exact count. If there's a tie, the Reader reads a Definition to the tied players.

he first to blurt the correct word out loud is the champ!


The Blurt! Game Board is available in Transparency form for classroom use with an overhead projector. Contact us for more information.

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