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This is an extension for the Loony Quest game. These rules cover the new game mechanics used in the extension. All rules used in the basic game still apply.

The Arkadia championship had barely drawn to a close when the contestants were captured by Vadoor - king Fedoor's exiled evil brother, who will stop at nothing in his quest for the throne.

Aided by the fearsome Rhinoboss, Vadoor has stowed the adventurers in the hold of a pirate ship headed for the open ocean.

A new adventure begins! Our heroes will need to demonstrate bravery and skill if they are to escape this trap and flee their captors. Their bid for freedom will take them through undiscovered secret worlds.

One of these uncharted regions might even be home to the legendary sunken city of Spectra, whose citizens are rumored to bend space and time to their will... The task of protecting Arkadia will be longer and more perilous than planned! Just where will their quest take them?


1 16 double-sided level sheets featuring 32 game levels, as follows:

  • Pirate World (world 8) 6 Levels..
  • Nautilus World (World 9) I 6 levels. Abyssal World (World 10) I 6 levels.
  • Spectra World (World 11) 6 levels.
  • Vortex World (World 12) I 6 levels.
  • 2 special levels.

2 1 Pyramid (assembly required).

3 5 Scout Bonus tokens.

4 5 Cursed Penalty tokens.

New Game Mechanics

A. Secret Passages

During certain Move or Link missions, players can use Secret Passages, represented by doors, hatchways, dimensional portals or staircases, depending on the level.

How they work...

If a player draws a line that ends inside a Secret Passage, they can resume drawing the line inside another Secret Passage of the same type and the same color.

Example: The drawing shown here counts as a single line, despite being split into segments by Secret Passages.

A Secret Passage is not considered to have been used if:

  • the line leaving the Secret Passage does not begin inside it
  • he line entering the Secret Passage does not end inside it

In both cases, the line leaving the Secret Passage and everything drawn beyond that point is erased before scoring. The portion of the line that enters the Secret Passage - or attempts to enter it - is not erased.

Example 2:

Example 3:

Note on Buttons and Lasers

Levels 9.1 and 10.6 feature areas with Lasers and Secret Passages. The Secret Passages can be used to enter an area even if its barrier and Laser are still active. Important: you must not touch either the barrier or the Laser unless they have been disabled at the Button.

Example 4:

B. The Pyramid Ship

Legend has it that the undersea Loonies now living in Spectra originally came from the planet Spectrum, located in a parallel universe to Arkadia, having made the Journey as part of an invasion force of pyramid-shaped spaceships.

When the attempted invasion was repelled, they decided to remain in this dimension, living on Arkadia's ocean floor until the time was ripe for revenge...

Now, deprived of its heroes, the defenseless kingdom must prepare for a new invasion from Spectrum. The first space ships are already flying over Arkadia.

The Pyramid Ship is a visual obstruction used on all levels in World 11. As soon as a level sheet is placed on the console, the Pyramid Ship is placed over it.

Players must not touch or move the Pyramid Ship until the level is resolved. They may, however, move around the ship to get a better view of the current level.

Note: For a tougher challenge, you can also play all the other Loony Quest worlds with the Pyramid Ship in position!

New Bonuses And Penalties

Bonus: Before resolving a mission, the player may place their screen over the level sheet and draw a small «X» mark on their screen at a location of their choice.

The player can then use the «X» on their screen as a reference point when resolving the level ( Example 5 and Example 6 ). The «X» is ignored when scoring the mission.

Example 5:

Example 6:

Cursed Penalty: If a player picks a Cursed Penalty token, they must discard it and immediately pick an additional 2 Penalty tokens. If the player picks another Cursed Penalty, the effect applies again.

Pixies And Special Levels

This extension contains two new special levels.

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