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  • 60 Avo-Cards
  • 4 Change Direction Cards
  • 4 Smash! Cards
  • 2 Guacamole Cards

Object of the Game

The aim of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all of your cards. As you switch and smash your way through the game, you will test your reflexes and exercise your powers of observation, so stay alert!

Ripe & Ready

Shuffle the deck and deal all of the cards face down, giving an equal number of cards to each player.

The youngest player begins the first round, with play moving clockwise.


  • Take the top card from your pile and place it face up in the center.

  • The next player should then take the top card from their pile and place it on top of the center card, and so on.

  • If both cards have the same number of avocados on them, it is a smash! All players must smash their hands down in the center. The last player to react loses the round and takes all of the cards from the center, adding them to the bottom of their pile.

  • The losing player then begins the next round by placing their next card face up in the center.

If any players smash incorrectly at any time in the game, cards are split between the offending players.

Example of a regular smash:

Counting Avocados

  • While turning over your card, you must also count avocados aloud-so the first player always begins with "one avocado".

  • The next player must follow in sequence, saying "two avocados", and so on. Players continue up to "15 avocados" and then return to "one avocado" as they reveal the cards.

  • If a card matches the number said aloud on that turn, it is a smash! As before, all players must smash their hands down in the center, and the losing player takes the cards from the center.

Example of a counting smash:

Change Direction Cards

  • When you reveal a Change Direction Card, immediately change direction! The change is valid until the end of the round, or until you reveal another change direction card.

  • When you reveal two Change Direction Cards in a row, it is also a smash! This Game Is The Most Fun You'll Ever Have With An Avocado

Smash! & Guacamole Cards

  • When you reveal a Smash! Card, it is an automatic smash!

  • When you reveal a Guacamole Card, all players must shout, "Guacamole!" and the last player to react loses the round. However, if anybody erroneously smashes their hand down in the center on a Guacamole Card, then they are the loser for that round, regardless of who shouted last.

Advanced Rules (for Grown Ups)

As you change direction, players must immediately begin counting backward; so if you reveal the Change Direction Card at "eight avocados", the previous player must then place a card and say "seven avocados".

Players then count down to "one avocado" before returning to "15 avocados" and so on. Watch out for this rule, it can be tricky!

(Feel free to omit to make it easier for younger players).

If you have a "double smash", where there are two reasons for a smash at any one time, these cancel each other out and play continues as normal. Anyone smashing their hand down in error loses the round and they must take the cards from the center!

Example of a double smash:

Avoca-Do's & Don'ts

  • The first player to run out of cards is the winner; but they are only declared the winner if they survive the next smash!

  • If two people run out of cards, the first to smash correctly wins.

  • Turn cards over quickly, facing away from you, so that nobody gains an unfair advantage.

  • This game can get loud! If you need to keep the noise down, remove the Guacamole cards from the deck before you start.

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