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Rating: 4.8 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-15 players
Playing time: 60 minutes

Created by: Ed Muccini, Tim Walsh, Dave Yearick

Published by: Alga, Big Fun A Go Go, Damm / Egmont

Alternate Names: Will Shortz Tribond


What makes a car, an elephant and a tree all similar? The wise player knows that they all have trunks and is ready to be a Tribond player.

Players are given a list of three items and must determine the common bond.

Landing on another pawn brings up a challenge situation, where the winner stays put and the loser moves back.

The first team to bring their three pawns around the triangles wins.

Tribond is the game that has everyone thinking in threes.

With each Threezer riddle they solve, the closer they'll move towards the finish. It's the game that asks: What do these three have in common?

Retail Price:$31
TriBond Clue-set Cards #2
Mensa Select Winner 1990

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  • 300 Cards (1800 Threezer Riddles!)
  • 1 Game Board
  • 12 Pawns
  • Category Die
  • 1 Number Die.
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Players advance their Pawns on three paths by correctly solving TriBond Threezer Riddles.

The first Player (or Team) to get all three of their Pawns to the Finish Spaces at the end of the three paths wins!


Each Player (or Team) chooses three Pawns of the same color.

Place one of your Pawns on each of the three Start Spaces in the center of the Game Board. …

While TriBond is best with 3 to 4 Players or Teams, a 2-player game can be enjoyed by liminating the Challenge and Stealing rules.

Game Play

  • Roll the Number Die to determine who goes first. The Player or Team that rolls the highest Number will be the first "Answering Player". The Player to the RIGHT of the Answering Player takes the Card Box and will be the first to read ("Reading Player").

  • On your turn, roll BOTH the Category Die and the Number Die. The Reading Player draws a Card from the Draw side of the Card Box and reads the Threezer Riddle corresponding to the Category that you rolled. …


  • 1100 Threezer Riddles on 200 Cards
  • Card Sleeve
  • Game Board
  • 6 Pawns
  • Number Die
  • Color Die
  • Game Rules.

Object of the Game

To win by having lots of fun, solving threezer riddles, and being first to move around the game board and get back home.


Slide one of the card decks into the Card Sleeve so the "Q" sides of the cards are facing the "Draw" side of the Sleeve.

Open the Game Board on the table. Everybody choose a Pawn and put it on "Home" in the middle of the Board. Roll the Number Die to see who goes first. …

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