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  • 1100 Threezer Riddles on 200 Cards
  • Card Sleeve
  • Game Board
  • 6 Pawns
  • Number Die
  • Color Die
  • Game Rules.

Object of the Game

To win by having lots of fun, solving threezer riddles, and being first to move around the game board and get back home.


Slide one of the card decks into the Card Sleeve so the "Q" sides of the cards are facing the "Draw" side of the Sleeve.

Open the Game Board on the table. Everybody choose a Pawn and put it on "Home" in the middle of the Board. Roll the Number Die to see who goes first.

If you get the highest number, you play first and you get to pick another player to be the first Card Reader.

Play passes to the kid on your left when your turn ends.

Game Play

  • On your turn, roll both dice and listen to the Card Reader.

  • If you solve the Threezer riddle correctly, move your Pawn to the next spot on the Game Board that matches the color you rolled, and your turn is over.

  • If you roll a white and you solve the Threezer riddle correctly, you may switch your Pawn with any other one on the Game Board, but you don't have to.

  • If you can't solve the Threezer riddle, or if you give a wrong answer, hang out where you are on the Game Board and wait for your next turn.

What's a Threezer Riddle

A Threezer riddle is a list of three things that have something in common. They might not seem like it at first, but you can figure them out.

Here are a few examples:

  • A Car, a tree, an elephant.

    Answer - They have trunks

  • Brown, Polar, Grizzly.

    Answer - They're bears

  • Olive, Lime, Emerald.

    Answer - They're shades of green.

If you're the Card Reader

  • Wait for the Player to roll the dice.

  • Draw a card from the "Draw" end of the Card Sleeve. From the "Q" side of the card, read aloud the Threezer riddle next to the number rolled.

  • Wait for the player to give an answer, and check on the back of the card (the "A" side) to see if it's right.

  • Put the used card back into the Card Sleeve in the "Discard" end.

  • When the player's turn is over, pass the Card Sleeve to the left.


Sometimes you might give an answer that is not exactly correct. For example, if the Threezer riddle OLIVE, LIME, EMERALD is answered "colors", the Reader can ask the player to be more specific to get an answer of "green colors" or "they're all green" or "shades of green". The reader can decide how specific the answer needs to be in order to make it acceptable.

Sometimes on the cards you'll find words in parentheses as part of an answer. These are just given for your information you don't have to say them to get the Threezer riddle right.

Sometimes you may come up with an answer that doesn't match the one on the card. If everybody agrees it's a good answer, then it's acceptable and you can move your pawn.


We don't like putting a limit on the time allowed to solve a Threezer riddle, but if you feel you need to set a limit, we think thirty seconds is a fair amount of time.

Do the Bump

Say it with me. Bump Bump Bump! If you land on a space where somebody else is already parked, you get to Bump them back to the spot you just came from.

The Bump is fun when you're the Bump-er, but if you're the Bump-ee, it's a bummer. No two Pawns can stay on one spot, so when you gotta Bump, you gotta Bump!

The Cards

Sometimes the Card Reader will come across cards that don't have Threezer riddles on them, but instead say something else.

If you get one of these, follow these directions:

  • Skip It!

    Go ahead and move your Pawn to the next spot on the Game Board that matches the color you rolled. You don't have to solve a Threezer riddle... just go! If there are no more spots of that color ahead of you, go Home!

  • Backtrack!

    Move your Pawn backward to the last spot on the Game Board that matches the color you rolled. You don't even get a crack at a Threezer riddle. Bummer! If there are no spots of that color behind you, go back Home and start over on your next turn.

The Bump rule still applies if you Skip or Backtrack.


You always have to stick to the game path closest to the edge of the Game Board unless you're lucky enough to land on a Shortcut Spot. The Shortcut path runs close to Home and is a lot faster than the regular path.

When it's your turn and you're on a Shortcut Spot, if you solve your Threezer riddle correctly, you may take the Shortcut path instead of the regular game path.

You must get back onto the regular path when you pass the next Shortcut Spot, however, if you roll a blue and land on the next Shortcut Spot, you get to take another Shortcut on your next turn! Lucky you!

The Home Stretch..

If you roll a color that is not on the game path between your pawn and Home, you get to go Home! On your next turn you'll have to solve a Threezer riddle correctly before you can win, so don't get too comfortable... the big bad Bump can still get you!

End of the Game

If you're the first player to get all the way around the Game Board, get back Home and correctly solve a Threezer riddle there. You Win!

Team Play!

If you want to play as teams instead of as individuals, the rules are exactly the same. Go team go!

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