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While TriBond is best with 3 to 4 Players or Teams, a 2-player game can be enjoyed by liminating the Challenge and Stealing rules.

Game Play

  • Roll the Number Die to determine who goes first. The Player or Team that rolls the highest Number will be the first "Answering Player". The Player to the RIGHT of the Answering Player takes the Card Box and will be the first to read ("Reading Player").

  • On your turn, roll BOTH the Category Die and the Number Die. The Reading Player draws a Card from the Draw side of the Card Box and reads the Threezer Riddle corresponding to the Category that you rolled.

    Threezer Clues must be read one at a time in the order that they appear on the Card, with slight pauses in between them to indicate separation.

    If for some reason the Answering Player has difficulty understanding the Clues as read, it is acceptable to place the card clue-side up on the table and allow the Answering Player to personally read the Clues.

  • If you correctly solve the Threezer Riddle, you get to advance ONE of your Pawns the same number of spaces that you rolled on the Number Die.

    You can choose any one of your three Pawns to move, but that Pawn must stay on its original path moving clockwise (following the arrows). You cannot split a roll between two Pawns.

  • The Reading Player then places the used Card back in the Card Box on the Discard side, taking care to place it facing the same way as the rest.

  • The Category Die also features a Free Roll Symbol If you roll this symbol on your turn, you do not have to answer a Threezer Riddle!

    You automatically get to advance one of your Pawns the number of spaces rolled on the Number Die.

  • Players cannot share spaces. When advancing your Pawn, if you land on a space that is already occupied by another Player's Pawn, you get to jump ahead to the next available space.

  • Whenever a Player's turn ends due to an incorrect answer, other Players have the opportunity to Steal (see STEALING). Players may not Steal on a Challenge Riddle.

  • After a Player has completed their turn (whether or not they gave a correct answer), and other Players have been given the opportunity to Steal, play moves clockwise with the Dice and the Card Box passing to the left (the Card Box will always be with the person to the right of the current Answering Player).

  • You do not need an exact roll to land on a Finish Space, and you can also land on a Finish Space with a Free Roll.

    Once you've reached a Finish Space, that Pawn can be removed from the Game Board and placed in front of you.

Note: We dislike putting a limit on the time allotted for you to answer. Those sand timers that everyone always forgets to turn take the fun out of an otherwise pressure-free game.

However, for those Players that need it (and you know who you are), we suggest a 30-second time limit to answer.

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