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  • 300 Cards (1800 Threezer Riddles!)
  • 1 Game Board
  • 12 Pawns
  • Category Die
  • 1 Number Die.
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Players advance their Pawns on three paths by correctly solving TriBond Threezer Riddles.

The first Player (or Team) to get all three of their Pawns to the Finish Spaces at the end of the three paths wins!


Each Player (or Team) chooses three Pawns of the same color.

Place one of your Pawns on each of the three Start Spaces in the center of the Game Board.

Threezer Riddles

A Threezer is a riddle with 3 clues that have a specific relationship or a common "bond".

Threezer Riddles can have linear connections (Panda • Teddy • Polar = Bears) or can involve word play that will use your noodle in a thought-provoking way.

For instance, some answers to Threezer Riddles involve words that have two different meanings and spellings, but sound the same (miners vs. minors).

Since players answer verbally in TriBond these are they're fun. The more you play, the easier it will be for you to start thinking in "threes"!

Players are not required to give their answers exactly as they appear on the cards, and words within parentheses are for clarification and are not part of the required answer.

When reading the clues, Players can judge whether they want to accept an answer as given, or whether to direct the answering Player to "be more specific" or "be less specific".

Example: Is "cartoon characters" an acceptable answer for "Toy Story Characters"? We don't think so, but you might!.

Threezer Riddle Categories


Pop Culture and Entertainment, including Who's Who Today, Movies, TV, Music Groups and More.

  • Q: Gaffer Grip Best Boy.
  • A: Motion Picture (Or TV) Crewmembers.

Fun & Games

Sports, Games, Leisure-Time Activities, Literature, Fads, Novelties, Hobbies, Fashion and More.

  • Q: Texas Hold 'Em Caribbean Stud Liars.
  • A: Variations Of Poker.


Academics, Book Smarts, News and History, plus Trivia that's a bit more intellectual than the other categories.

  • Q: Bering Black Baltic.
  • A: Seas.

Word Whimsy

Riddles that are often abstract and involve Word Play, including Brainteasers, Homonyms (Sound-Alike Words), Puns and More.

  • Q: Clothes Dryers Racing Balloons Senseless Speakers.
  • A: They're Full of Hot Air.

Anything Goes

This is a mixed bag of Riddles that either don't fit well into the other categories, or have clues that would fit in more than one category.

  • Q: Shar-peis Laundry Prunes.
  • A: They Have Wrinkles.


The Challenge Threezer Riddles are only used when one Player challenges another (there isn't a Challenge Symbol on the Die). Since a Challenge is a race to give the correct answer the fastest, these Riddles tend to be easier, with solutions that can be shouted out quickly.

  • Q: Latte Espresso Cappuccino.
  • A: Coffee Drinks.


If you answer a Threezer Riddle incorrectly, other Players have the opportunity to Steal.

While the Threezer Riddle is being read, opponents that are not answering or reading should listen, and, if they believe they know the solution, should "buzz in" BEFORE the Answering Player guesses.

  • To "buzz in", simply hold your hand out over the Game Board, curl your fingers into your palm and pump your thumb up and down as though you're holding an imaginary buzzer. Feel free to make noise and be as obnoxious as you want!

    Note: If you aren't playing with rowdy Players, buzzing in can consist of simply raising your hand, or whatever Players are most comfortable with.

    The first person to "buzz in" earns the opportunity to try to answer the Threezer if the Answering Player is incorrect.

  • If you "buzz in" and correctly solve the Riddle, you get to advance one of your Pawns the same number of spaces that the Answering Player rolled. However, if you guess incorrectly, you must move one of your Pawns back ONE space.

  • Since only the Player who "buzzed in" first is permitted to attempt to Steal, once the attempted Steal is complete, play continues by moving clockwise from the Answering Player (the Player whose turn it was).


Whenever a Player lands on a Green Challenge Square, they can "Challenge" any other Player who is ahead of them on the same path.

The Challenger and the Defender compete for the same space on the path (the Defender's current space) by racing to correctly solve a Threezer Riddle. Challenge Threezer Riddles are much easier, but who will be first to get it right?!

The Reading Player reads the special Challenge Threezer on the back of the Card to both the Challenger and the Defender (if the Reading Player is the Defender, any neutral Player can read it).

Since there is no penalty for incorrect guesses, the Challenger and the Defender may begin shouting out answers as soon as the first Clue is read, and may make as many guesses as they can until one of them correctly solves the Riddle and wins the Challenge.

In the case of a tie, a new Challenge Threezer Riddle may be read.

If the Challenger wins the Challenge, the two involved Pawns switch spaces on the board (so that the Challenger is now ahead).

If the Defender wins the Challenge, the Pawns stay in their current spaces.

Once the Challenge has been completed, the Challenger/Answering Player's turn ends, and play moves clockwise, with the Dice and the Card Box being passed to the left (the Card Box remains to the right of the Answering Player).

Note About Playing In Teams: When playing in teams, Players should decide prior to beginning a Game whether the entire Team shall participate in Challenges, or whether a representing Player should be elected to participate.

End of the Game

The first Player (or Team) to advance all three of their Pawns from Start to Finish wins the game!

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