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Town Hall is a different way to play Tiny Towns that introduces the Resource deck and changes the way resources are selected during the game.

Assign 1 player to be the Mayor, who will draw Resource cards to determine which resource all players will place.

Game Play

Shuffle the 15 Resource cards to form a draw pile, and discard the top 5 cards face-down to a discard pile.

  1. The Mayor starts the game by drawing the top Resource card from the draw pile and placing it face-up on the table. Players must place the resource shown on the card in their town.

  2. After all players have placed their resources, the Mayor places the Resource card on the discard pile and draws a new Resource card for the second round, placing it face-up on the table.

    All players once again place the indicated resource in their town, and the Mayor places the Resource card on the discard pile.

  3. In the third round, players individually choose 1 of the 5 resources from the supply to place in their town. (Players do this simultaneously).

In subsequent rounds repeat this pattern, with the Mayor drawing 1 Resource card each for every first and second round, and players choosing a resource individually for every third round.

When a Resource card needs to be drawn and the draw pile is empty, the Mayor shuffles the cards in the discard pile to form a new draw pile and again discards the top 5 cards face-down. Play continues until the end conditions of the standard game are met.

Note: In this, Building and Monument cards that refer to other players naming resources (Factory, Warehouse, Statue of the Bondmaker) apply to rounds in which the Mayor draws a Resource card.

The ongoing effect of Bank applies to every third round, in which players have their choice of resource (that is, players can no longer choose from the supply in those rounds the resources placed on any of their Banks).

If a player builds the monument Fort Ironweed, that player may no longer take and place resources every third round, in which players have their choice of resource, unless that player is the only player remaining.

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