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Architect's Guild

You may choose not to use the ability of the Architect's Guild, but you cannot use it later. The buildings you place may be the same type or 2 different types. You cannot change buildings into monuments, since they are not in the general supply.

Archive of the Second Age

It does not matter where buildings are located for scoring this monument.

Barrett Castle

For all building scoring, Barrett Castle counts as 2 and not a

Cathedral of Caterina

This applies only to empty squares on your own board.

Fort Ironweed

Once this monument is constructed, you may not be Master Builder and must pass the token to the player on your left, unless you are the last player in the game.

Grove University

You cannot place a monument after constructing Grove University since monuments are not in the general supply.

Mandras Palace

Adjacent refers to up, down, left, and right, not diagonal.

Opaleye's Watch

You may not choose monument as a building type for this card, since it is not in the general supply.

Shrine of the Elder Tree

If this is the 7th or later building you construct, it still only scores 8 .

Silva Forum

A contiguous group refers to buildings that are adjacent to one another.

The Starloom

You score the full points for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd if you complete your town in the same round as (tie with) another player.

Statue of the Bondmaker

Resources on squares containing cannot be used to construct buildings.

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