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There is no Master Builder in the Solo variant.


Remove the following cards from the game when playing the solo variant:

The Inn (), the Bank (), Fort Ironweed () and Opaleye's Watch ().

Solo Rules

Shuffle the 15 Resource cards to form a draw pile and reveal the top 3 cards. You choose to place any 1 of the 3 resources shown in your town and construct buildings as normal.

Then place the corresponding card face-down on the bottom of the draw pile and draw a new Resource card to replace it.

Note: In this variant, Building and Monument cards that refer to other players naming resources (Factory, Warehouse, Statue of the Bondmaker) apply to choosing resources from the resource deck.

The game ends as normal, when your town is completed (your town is filled with resources and you cannot or choose not to construct any buildings).

Check your score against the chart below:

VPSkill Level Achieved
38 or moreMaster Architect
32-37Town Planner
10-17Builder's Apprentice
9 or lessAspiring Architect

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