Rating: 5.9 Fair
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 90 minutes

Created by: Alfred Mosher Butts, C. Leslie Crandall, Michael Graves

Published by: (Unknown), Alga, Barnes & Noble

Alternate Names: Alfa-Pet, Alfapet, Board-script, BoardScript, Cris Cros


Scrabble is by far world's most popular word game. More than 100 million Scrabble games have been sold in 29 languages.

Two till four players compete to build high-scoring words on a crossword-like board in Scrabble.

Scrabble is designed by Alfred Mosher Butts. He created first Lexiko, a scoring word game, in the early 1930s and 1940.

Later, this game was called Criss Cross Words. In 1948, the game was first published commercially as Scrabble including a redesigned gameboard.

Today, the game is owned by Hasbro and by Mattel.

There are estimated 40 million leisure Scrabble players in the USA and Canada alone. Among 10.000 of them belong to nearly 300 clubs and meet every week to compete in over 200 official tournaments each year.

Scrabble Content

The game board is made up of cells in a square grid. The board is 15 cells wide and 15 cells high.

There are excatly 100 tiles to place on the game board: 2 blanks and 92 with a letter and value.

The various letters of the alphabet have different values, depending on the rarity and the difficulty in playing it:

  • 0 Points - Blank tile.
  • 1 Point - A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T and U.
  • 2 Points - D and G.
  • 3 Points - B, C, M and P.
  • 4 Points - F, H, V, W and Y.
  • 5 Points - K.
  • 8 Points - J and X.
  • 10 Points - Q and Z.

The site is also available in Dutch Language.

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Place all letter tiles in the pouch or facedown besides the board. Then mix or shuffle them.

Draw a letter to decide who will start to play. The one with the letter closest to "A" starts. A blank title beats any letter.

When both players draw the same letter, draw another one. Now return all letters to the pool and remix (shuffle) them. …

  1. Practice. You can buy Scrabble books and check the many useful practice tools available on the Internet.

  2. Consider balance at the letters on your rack.

    e.g. It might be smart to form a word eliminating double letters in your rack even if it's not the highest-scoring move you have available. …

Long Opening

A long first word opens the game up faster, so you may set a minimum length of 4, 5 or 6 letters for the first word placed on the board.

If the first player cannot make a word of the agreed-upon length, play passes until a player can do so.

Rearrange Letters

You are allowed to rearrange the letters of a word already on the board before adding one or more new tiles to it.

The final word (or words) must be acceptable. …

Can you extend a word in two directions simultaneously in one turn? For instance, ARM is on the board, and I'd like to extend it to CHARMED in one turn? Is that within the rules

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to extend in front of and/or at the end of a word in one turn, as long as all the letters are played in the same turn. So, in this case, since the C, H, E and D are all used to spell CHARMED, it's well within the rules to do so. …

Impress your friends and family with SCRABBLE terminology. Our glossary will have you sounding like a SCRABBLE pro in no time. Just click on a letter to jump to that section of the glossary.

Abbreviations: DLS: Double Letter Score; DWS: Double Word Score; TLS: Triple Letter Score; TWS: Triple Word Score; ?: Blank; PTS.: Points.

Alphagram: The alphabetic arrangement of a group of letters. Example: BEGNU is the alphagram of the word BEGUN.

Anagram: A word that is spelled with the exact same letters as another word. Example: KITCHEN is an anagram of THICKEN, and vice versa. GAPE is an anagram of PAGE. …

During the Great Depression, an out-of-work architect named Alfred Mosher Butts decided to invent a board game. He did some market research and concluded that games fall into three categories: number games, such as dice and bingo; move games, such as chess and checkers; and word games, such as anagrams.

Butts wanted to create a game that combined the vocabulary skills of crossword puzzles and anagrams, with the additional element of chance. The game was originally named Lexico, but Butts eventually decided to call the game "Criss-Cross Words". …

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