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  • Plastic Pot with Lid
  • 4 Plastic Scoops
  • 98 Letter Tiles
  • 4 Blank Tiles
  • 2 "Fly in the Soup" Tiles
  • 72 Word Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

It's the "soup"er fun word game that your whole family can play! Draw a card and choose one of the five words on it.

Then quickly scoop tiles out of the pot looking for letters that match the letters in your word. Don't scoop out a "fly", or you'll lose all of your tiles!

The first player to match the word wins the round and keeps the card.

The first player to collect four cards wins the game!


As you set up your game, take a look at the Sample Game Setup below.

  1. Place the pot in the middle of the play area. Put all of the tiles in the pot, and place the lid on top.

  2. Each player takes a scoop.

  3. Shuffle the card deck, and deal one card faceup to each player. Place the remaining cards in a facedown draw pile.

Here's the way a 3-player game would look like set up. Just put the lid on the pot, and you're ready to play!


Each card has 5 words on it, numbered 1 through 5. The words generally range from shorter words with easy-to-find letters to longer words with harder-to-find letters.

This allows players to choose words that are suited to their individual word-building skills so that everyone has a chance to win!


During the game, all players will scoop tiles out of the pot at the same time, trying to find tiles that match the letters in their words. There are three kinds of tiles:

Letter tiles: Most of the tiles are letter tiles. Can you find one to match each letter in your chosen word?

Blank tiles: There are four of these. Any blanks that you're lucky enough to scoop will match any letter in your word!

"Fly in the Soup" tiles: There are two of these pesky orange tiles. If you scoop one or both of them, you must return to the pot all of the tiles you scooped, plus any that you've already matched!

After returning your tiles, place the fly tile(s) aside, out of play. Then start scooping again!

Game Play

The game is played in several rounds. The rules for each round are explained below.

Starting a Round

Place your card in front of you, then choose one word on it and read it aloud. This is the word you'll try to match on this round. Now grab your scoop and get ready for action! All players do the same.

One player removes the lid, places it near the pot within reach of all players, then calls out, "Ready, Set, Scoop!"

Now everyone at the same time quickly scoops tiles out of the pot. (You can touch the pot to steady it, but don't move it out of anyone's reach).

Each time you scoop, spread out the tiles and quickly take a look at them.

  • If there are one or more blanks or matching letters (that you don't already have), place them next to the word on your card. Then return any unused letters to the pot and quickly scoop again.

  • If there are no blanks or matching letters, return all of the scooped tiles to the pot, then quickly scoop again.

Remember, if you scoop an orange fly tile, you must put all of your tiles back into the pot!

End of the Round

If you're the first player to match all of the letters in your word (and not have a "fly" in your scoop), quickly place them

side-by-side in the correct order. Then place the lid on the pot and call out, "Yummy!" All players must stop scooping and matching tiles.

Now show your letters to everyone.

  • If the word is the one you chose and is spelled correctly, the round ends and you win the card!

    Place it facedown next to you. The other players place their cards in a discard pile out of play. All players return all of their tiles to the pot.

  • If the word is not the one you chose, or is not spelled correctly, another player must lift the lid off the pot and call out, "Ready, Set, Scoop!" to continue the round. Keep playing until a player wins the round.

Start a New Round

Deal out one card from the deck to each player, and play the new round as described above.

End of the Game

The first player to collect four cards wins the game. Congratulations on a "soup"erb performance!

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