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  • 2-sided gameboard
  • 101 letter tiles
  • 44 scoring chips
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Cover the gameboard letters with matching letter tiles, and collect the most scoring chips by completing words.


  1. For this game, use the gameboard side with letters and pictures on the squares.

  2. The Kitty: Form the "kitty" by placing the scoring chips in a pile within reach of all players.

  3. The Pool: Turn all the letter tiles facedown within reach of all players, then mix them up.

  4. Draw seven tiles from the pool and place them faceup in front of you. All players do the same.

  5. Choose a player to go first (there's no advantage to making the first play). Play passes to the left.

Game Play

Playing Your Tiles

On your turn, play two of your tiles by covering letters on the gameboard squares with matching tiles. Then draw as many tiles from the pool as you played, so that you have seven tiles again. Play your tiles as explained below.

First Turn: If you're the first player, play any two of your tiles as follows:

  • EITHER on the first letter of two different words

    Example 1a: The first player could start
    JACKET and ARM by covering the first
    letter of each word…

  • OR on the first and second letters of the same word.

    Example 1b: …but decides to cover
    both the J and the A in JACKET, instead.

All Other Turns: Each player in turn now plays any two of his or her tiles. Play each tile as follows:

  • EITHER on an open first letter of any word;

    Example: The second player could
    start CANDY and BOY by covering the
    first letter of each word…

  • OR on the next open letter of any word already started.

    Example: …but decides to start
    BOAT by covering the B, and continue
    JACKET by covering the C.

If you can play, you must play!

  • Always play two tiles if you can.

  • If you can play only one tile, draw one tile from the pool afterwards.

  • If you can't play any tiles, you must use your turn to exchange any two of your tiles with two tiles from the pool.

  • (If there are no tiles left in the pool, you must pass).

Play letters in order! Always cover the letters of a word in correct spelling order. Because some words share letters, you may sometimes have to "back up" to cover letters in order.

In Example 1B, when the J and A are played on JACKET, the A in WATER gets covered before the W. Before the T in WATER can be covered, the W must be covered.

Collecting Scoring Chips

Try to complete a word by covering the last letter.

Example: If you cover the T to complete
JACKET, collect one scoring chip.

For each word you complete, take one scoring chip from the kitty. If you complete two words with one tile, collect two scoring chips.

Example: If you cover the T to
complete BOAT and GOAT, collect two
scoring chips

Note: Because some words share letters, the tile that completes a word may not be covering the last letter of the word.

Example: If the B and U in BUZZ are
covered, and the Z in ZEBRA is already
covered, complete BUZZ by covering the
first Z-then collect a scoring chip!


It's good strategy to check other players' tiles to see if a tile you're playing would let an opponent complete a word. As long as you play two tiles on your turn, you can hold back a certain tile to block an opponent from completing a word!

Ending the Game

When there are no more tiles left in the pool, keep playing with the tiles you have until all 101 tiles have been placed on the board. This ends the game.

End of the Game

After the game ends, the player with the most scoring chips is the winner!

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