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  • Electronic Turbo Slam Unit with Storage Tray
  • 55 Letter Cards
  • 12 Action Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Race to get rid of your cards by playing them to change a four-letter word.

Be first to hit the Slam button when it makes the turbo sound, and you'll get to draw an action card which could help you get rid of even more cards! To win, be the first player to run out of the cards in your hand.

The Cards

The Letter Cards

You can play either side of a letter card.

The small letters in the corners show the two letters on each card. Note: Some cards are blanks, and can be used to represent any letter.

The Action Cards

There are four kinds of these special cards. Draw one if you "slam in" first when the turbo sound plays - then play it right away!

More about these later.

The Turbo Slam Unit

Power Switch

(Underneath the game unit)

Slide to the 2-player setting for less frequent turbo sounds; slide to the multi- player setting for more frequent turbo sounds.

Press it to turn the music on or off. (You'll still hear any sounds needed for gameplay).


As you set up your game, take a look at the Setup Example below to see where the game parts are placed.

  1. Separate the 16 colored action cards from the letter card deck, and place them in a facedown deck near the Turbo Slam unit, within everyone's reach.

  2. One player chooses four letter cards from the deck to make any word, and plays the cards side-by-side within everyone's reach. Then the player deals out the rest of the deck to all players.

  3. Place the Turbo Slam unit in the center of the play area within everyone's reach. Slide the power switch on the underside of the unit to the 2-player or multi-player setting.

Setup Example:

Game Play

To begin a game, tap the Slam Button. You'll hear a "Ding-Ding!" sound. Now all players race at the same time, to play cards from their hands onto the cards on the table to change words into new words.

As you play a card, call out the new word it creates. You may play only one new card at a time to change the word.

Card Play Example:

Always change the letter

Never play a letter on the same letter to make the same word. It's perfectly okay for words to be repeated during the game, as long as there are one or more different words played between them.

Playing a blank

Cards showing no letters are blanks. They may be played to represent any letter. To play a blank, decide which letter you want it to represent; then play the blank as you would any other card, calling out the new word it creates.

The blank represents that letter until it is covered by another card.

Acceptable Words

The classic Scrabble rules governing acceptable words also apply to this game. (Proper names, acronyms, foreign words, etc. are not acceptable).


Any player may challenge a word. Just press PAUSE and say "I challenge!" before the next card is played. All players then discuss the word in question, consulting a dictionary if necessary.

If the word is accepted, play continues; if not, the player who played the challenged card must take it. To resume play, just press PAUSE again.

Hitting the Slam Button

At any time during the game, the turbo sound may suddenly go off! Now all players race to be the first to press the Slam button. If you're the first to press the button, draw the top action card from the deck, and immediately follow the directions on it.

Then place the action card facedown in a discard pile next to the deck, and press the Slam button to continue playing.

Action Card Directions

Most action cards allow you to get rid of cards - but one of them makes you take them from another player!

Hyper Slam!

Give 1 or 2 cards to every other player.

Mega Slam!

Discard 2or3cards of your choice in the discard pile beside the action card deck.

Slam Dunk!

Give 2, 3 or 4 cards of your choice to any other player of your choice. Hint: Give them to the player with the fewest cards!

You Got Slammed!

Uh-oh! Take 2, 3 or 4 cards from any other player of your choice! This player chooses which cards to give you.

What if no one slams in?

Occasionally, time will run out before anyone slams in. In this case, the Slam button will make a sad sound, then continue play.

End of the Game

The first player to get rid of his or her last card (either by playing a letter card or giving it away after drawing an action card) wins the game.

This player presses the VICTORY button to hear the victory song!

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