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Long Opening

A long first word opens the game up faster, so you may set a minimum length of 4, 5 or 6 letters for the first word placed on the board.

If the first player cannot make a word of the agreed-upon length, play passes until a player can do so.

Rearrange Letters

You are allowed to rearrange the letters of a word already on the board before adding one or more new tiles to it.

The final word (or words) must be acceptable.

Premium spaces covered by the original word are disregarded in scoring the new or altered words.

Solitair Scrabble

You play against the clock and you have 10 minutes to try to get your high-score.


At the start of your turn, you may replace any single letter already on the board with one from your own rack to form an acceptable new word (or words).

You may do so again on the same turn so long as you replace only one letter at a time and form an acceptable new word.

Strategy Scrabble

Both players can see eachother's rack.

Tag Team Scrabble

Play with two teams of each two players. Each player have his own rack.

One each team's turn, one of the players may play followed by the other teammate.

Special Blanks

If you have or draw the letter that a blank on the board is representing, you may change your letter tile in the blank's place and take the blank.

You may replace both blanks on the same turn if you have the necessary letter tiles.

This exchange does not score any points.

Nine-tile Rack

This variation is identical to the original game except players have 9 tiles on their racks instead of the usual 7.

You score a 50-point Bingo bonus for using 7, 8 or all 9 tiles on your rack.

Finish Line

The game is over when one player reaches a pre-decided score, no matter how many tiles are left.

Two PlayersThree PlayersFour Players

Super Scrabble

Played on a 21x21 board with even qaudruple letter and word scores.


You can arrange the letters in each word in whatever order you like.

This version is for experienced players who can recognize words regardless the order of letters.

It is much easier to hook a word in Clabber.

Speed Scrabble

Players have only 30 seconds to place a word.

On each turn, you must play one tile upside down, as a blank.

All Directions

You may also make words diagonally.

Wraparound Scrabble

The left edge of the board is considered adjacent to the right edge, and the top adjacent to the bottom.

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