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  • 1 Figure
  • 1 Rectangular Prop
  • 1 Dry Erase Marker
  • 1 Wiping Cloth
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first team to reach 15 points by correctly answering clues drawn on the PICTIONARY MAN and his prop!


Divide players into 2 teams. The team that goes first will be Team 1.

Each team selects who will be the Picturist - the player who will draw the clues on their first turn. The role of Picturist will rotate among the team players on each turn throughout the game.

Team 1's Picturist turns over Pictionary Man so that he or she can read the electronic display. Push the large button( 1)).

Game Play

Pictionary Man will randomly select a category. If the category is People or Titles, you will also see a secondary hint to help further identify the category. The Picturist reads the category and hint (if given) out loud

Pictionary Man Categories

  • People (Character, Celebrity, History)
  • Actions
  • Titles (Movie, Music, TV)
  • Role play (Occupations and Pastimes)
  • Miscellaneous

The Picturist then pushes the large button(1) again to see the clue. After a brief delay for you to think about what you want to draw, the timer will start and the action begins!

Using Pictionary Man and his prop, the Picturist starts to draw while his or her teammates shout out possible answers. Did your team get it right? Push the large button (1) to stop the timer and confirm the correct answer. Your team scores 1 point and play passes to Team 2.

If your team doesn't guess correctly, you score no points and play passes to Team 2.

Play continues with each team alternating turns.

Pictionary Man Dos and Don'ts

You Can...

  • Be creative!
  • Draw on the prop.
  • Act out the answer using Pictionary Man and his prop.
  • Use symbols (a question mark, exclamation point, etc)..
  • Draw anything related to the answer, no matter how tenuous the link.
  • Break words down into a number of syllables.
  • Draw "dock" for "doc", or "bear" for "bare", etc.

You Cannot...

  • Use "ears" for "sounds like".
  • Use dashes to show the number of letters in the word.
  • Use letters or numbers.
  • Speak to your teammates.
  • Use sign language.

Note: Around 10 seconds before time is up, the timer will begin ticking faster to warn players that they are running out of time.

Challenge Round

After 7 turns, Pictionary Man will announce a Challenge Round. In a Challenge Round, each team sees the category to be played and bids how many answers they can guess correctly in the time allowed. If your team is falling behind, here's your chance to catch up.

Look at the electronic display to see which team Pictionary Man has selected to make the first bid. Press the large button (1) once to see the category and the time allotted.

The first team discusses and announces their bid. It is now up to the second team to announce a higher bid. Bidding continues between both teams with the highest bidder winning the right to play the Challenge Round. The highest bidding team then takes possession of the Pictionary Man and enters their bid.

Press the small button (2) once for each answer your team has bid. For example, if the category is ROLE PLAY and your team has bid 3 correct answers in 90 seconds, push the small button (2) 3 times.

Now you get to prove how good you are! Have the Picturist press the large button once to see the first answer and begin to play. When your team gets the first answer correct, press the large button again to see the next answer and continue. It is against the rules to "skip" or "pass" any Challenge Round answers. If you do, your team earns no points!

The role of Picturist is performed by the same player throughout a Challenge Round turn.

Did your team get all the answers correct? Great. You score 2 points! Correct answers in the Challenge Round can be confirmed by pressing the small button (2) and scrolling back.

Stealing Points

If your team doesn't get all the challenge round answers correct, the other team can now steal the points!

Pictionary Man will announce "Chance To Steal" and give ONE more answer in the same category played in the Challenge Round. The other team will have 20 seconds to sketch and correctly guess the answer. If they do, they win the 2 points! If they don't, neither team wins any points.

Following the Challenge Round, regular play resumes with Pictionary Man announcing which team is to play the next turn. After the first Challenge Round is played, subsequent Challenge Rounds will occur every 5 turns.

End of the Game

The first team to reach 15 points or more wins the game!

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