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  • 2 Flexible Tubes
  • 100 cards
  • 1 Timer
  • Tube Base
  • 1 Instructions Sheet

Object of the Game

Be the first team to win 5 cards by correctly answering clues given while using the Bend-A-Clues flexible tubes!


Take out the Sand Timer and Card Deck. Open the Card Deck, shuffle the cards and then place them into the card slot in the middle of the Tube Base.

Next, place the two flexible tubes within reach of both teams (players may also use the Tube Base as a prop to hold the flexible tubes during game play).

Game Play

Divide players into 2 teams. The team that goes first will be Team 1.

Both teams select their first Picturist-the player who will act out the clues during the team's first turn. For each turn after that, the role of Picturist will rotate among the team.

On EVERY TURN, before they draw a card, the team must choose either blue, green, orange, red or yellow. The Picturist will then act out the clue that corresponds to that color.

After that, on their next turn, the team may choose any color EXCEPT the color they chose on their last turn.

Team 1's Picturist selects a card from the card slot in the middle of the Tube Base. At the top of the card is that card's CATEGORY. Every clue on that card will have something to do with that category.

For example, if the category is MONSTERS, all four clues will relate to Monsters: Vampire, Werewolf, Mummy, Zombie, Ghost. The Picturist says the Category aloud so all his teammates know what it is.

Next, the Picturist finds the clue on the card that corresponds to the team's chosen color. Once the Picturist has the clue, the Sand Timer is turned over.

Using the Bend-A-Clues Flexible Tubes, the Picturist starts bending them into a shape or shapes that will help their team guess the answer. If needed, they may also "act out" the answer using the tubes as a prop while their teammates shout out possible answers.

If their team guesses the clue correctly, they keep the card and play passes to Team 2.

If their team doesn't guess correctly, they return the card to the deck and play passes to Team 2.

Pictionary Bend-a-clues Dos and Don'ts

You can...

  • Be creative!
  • Use the base to hold the flexible tubes as you act out your clue.
  • Use the flexible tubes to break words down by syllables.
You cannot...
  • Use "ears" for "sounds like".
  • Bend the flexible tubes into letters or numbers.
  • Speak to your teammates.
  • Use sign language.

End of the Game

The first team to earn 5 cards wins the game!


How precise an answer must be is up to the teams playing and should be agreed upon at the start of the game.

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