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  • 2 Pictionary Man figures
  • 1 Sphere Prop
  • 1 Box Prop
  • 4 Card Props
  • 150 Clue Cards
  • 2 Card Boxes
  • 2 Erasable Markers
  • 11-Minute Sand Timer
  • 1 Die

Object of the Game

Be the first team to win 3 clue cards from EACH category deck.


Divide into 2 teams.

Shuffle both the PAIRS and the CLASSIC decks of clue cards separately and return them to their boxes. Place the boxes on the table.

Give each team a Pictionary Man figure and a marker. Place the props and the sand timer in the center of the play area within reach of both teams.

Both teams select a Picturist - a player who will sketch the first word. The role of Picturist will rotate among the team members on each turn throughout the game.

Note: Use a damp cloth to clean pictionary man and props.

Roll the die to see who goes first High roll starts.


There are two categories: PAIRS and CLASSIC.

  • Pairs have two clues that usually go together to make a pair.
  • Classics are the Pictionary clues you're used to seeing.

Game Play

Play begins with the starting team rolling the die and selecting which category, PAIRS or CLASSIC, that they want to draw.

The Picturist takes a card from the appropriate category deck, checks which clue corresponds to the number rolled and shares it with the Picturist from the other team.

Each Picturist needs to make sure no other team members can see the clue!

The categories work like this:

  1. Pairs - These cards feature two-part clues. The Picturist whose turn it is selects which half of the clue they'd like to draw. The other Picturist will draw the other half of the clue.

    Teams must guess the entire Pair to win the card. For instance, if the clue is STOP & GO, teams must get both parts not just the part their Picturist is drawing.

  2. Classic - These cards feature single clues.

Turn over the timer. Both Picturists have one minute to use their Pictionary Man and any props they have to draw their clues on as team members shout out possible answers.

Both teams guess at the same time. As a guesser you may look at either Picturist for help.

This is important when playing the Pairs category since each Picturist is only sketching half of the clue. Sketching and guessing continues until the clue is identified, or time is up.

Note: you have to draw on the Pictionary Man OR A PROP. The props stay in the middle of the playing area until they're ready to be used so it's a grab to get them for each turn.

If a guess is correct, that team collects the clue card as a point. Remember, the first team to collect 3 cards from EACH category wins the game.

If a clue isn't guessed within the time limit, the die is passed to the other team and the card that was in play is returned to the back of the appropriate deck.

The new team begins their turn by rolling the die and taking a new card from the category of their choice. Turn over the timer and a new turn begins.

End of the Game

The first team to get 3 cards from each category wins the game!

Dos and Donts

You Can..
  • Act out the answer using Pictionary Man and his props.
  • Draw anything related to the word, no matter how tenuous the (ink
  • Break words down into a number of syllables
  • Draw "dock" for "doc" or "flu" for "flue", etc.

You Cannot...
  • Use "ears" for "sounds like" or dashes to show the number of letters in the word
  • Use letters or numbers
  • Speak to your teammates
  • Use sign language

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