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  • 1 DVD disc
  • 4 markers
  • Blank paper
  • Scorecard pad
  • 1 challenge die
  • Game cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first to successfully answer 10 Pictionary challenges.


Place the Disney Pictionary DVD Game disc into your DVD player. If you are familiar with Pictionary rules, these instructions should get you going. If not, watch the on-screen demonstration under "How To Play" for the complete instructions.

Each team gets one Drawing Card and one dry-erase pen (use a damp cloth to erase the board, and make sure to put the cap back on the pens when not in use).

Use the Score Card to keep score. There is a column for each team, and a space for each point.

Decide who will go first, and then play proceeds clockwise.

Game Play

  1. Select the Game Play Level

    Level 1 is great for younger players, while Level 2 offers more of a challenge.

  2. Roll the Die

  3. Draw a Card

    The categories correspond to the color on the die. If you roll a star, this is a "Player's Choice".

    When "Player's Choice" is rolled, you may choose your favorite category to draw, or let the DVD draw it for you.

  4. Start the 60 Second Dvd Timer


If your team guesses the clue before time is up, mark a point in your team's column on the score card.

Then, the next player to draw on your team rolls the die, and the game continues until you fail to guess a clue correctly. After that, the die goes to the next team and their turn begins.

All Play Symbol

If this symbol appears next to your clue, it means the clue is an ALL PLAY, and each team draws. Whichever team guesses the clue first, wins the point.

DVD Symbol

If you see this symbol, it means the DVD will do the drawing. Use your DVD remote to select the corresponding category from the onscreen menu.

All DVD clues are ALL PLAY clues, so as it begins to draw, each team tries to shout out the answer. Whoever says the correct answer first gets the point.

End of the Game

Once any team gets 9 points in their column, they only need one more to win.

All tenth point questions are ALL PLAY questions, no matter what the category card says. Once a team scores their tenth point, they win the game.

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