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  • 1 Clear Drawing Window
  • 1 Base (with storage compartment)
  • 1 Timer
  • 1 Wet Erase Marker
  • 150 Cards
  • 1 Die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Use the clear plastic window to sketch clues for your team in each of the three categories.

If your team guesses the clue correctly, you win the challenge and keep the card. The first team to earn 5 cards wins!


  • Open the base and remove Timer, Marker, and Die. Leave the cards in the tray.

    Note: clean the screen with a damp cloth between turns.

  • Place the plastic window in the base and set it in the center of the play area.

  • Make sure the Timer, Marker, tray with Card Decks and Die are within reach of all players.

Game Play

Divide players into 2 teams. The team that goes first will be Team 1.

Team 1 selects their first Picturist - the player who will draw or act out the clues - during the first round.

Team 1 decides from which of the 3 category decks they want to draw (Classic, Action!, or Mirror Mirror).

Note: you must have at least 1 card from each category in order to win.

Once the category card is chosen, the Picturist rolls the die.

The Picturist must draw the clue on the card that corresponds to the number on the die. For example, if the die comes up 3, the Picturist must draw the clue next to the number 3 on the card.

If the number 6 is rolled, the Picturist may choose to draw any one of the five clues on the card.

Team 2 now starts the timer and Team 1's Picturist begins to draw the clue as their team tries to guess the answer.

If Team 1 guesses correctly, they get to keep the card.

If time runs out before a correct guess is made, they do not get to keep the card.

If Team 2 thinks they know the answer, they may "Challenge" to try to steal the card (more on this later). If no team gets the correct answer, no one keeps the card and it goes into a DISCARD pile.

Regardless of the outcome play passes to Team 2.

Teams continue to alternate turns throughout the game. On each turn, teams must also alternate Picturists.

Note: clean the screen with a damp cloth between turns.

The Categories


The Picturist uses the marker to sketch the clue on the plastic window just as they would if they were using a pencil and paper.

The window must remain in the base so all players on both teams can see the drawing.


All the clues in this category are actions.

For every clue, the Picturist must draw on the window, but they may remove the window from the base and use their drawing to act out the clue in order to help their team guess the answer. For example, if the clue is "Tie a Bow Tie", the

Picturist may draw a bow tie on the window, then hold the window up to their neck and act out tying it.

Mirror Mirror

The Picturist does not use the marker in this challenge. Instead, the marker is passed to a teammate who positions themselves on the other side of the window. Only the Picturist knows the clue.

When the timer starts, the Picturist uses their finger to trace on the window while their teammate follows the Picturist's finger with the marker on the other side of the window to create the drawing.

Both the teammate with the marker and all remaining teammates are allowed to guess the clue. The Picturist may not talk or use any actions, they may only draw out the clue with their finger as their teammate traces it.


If the team guessing the clue does not get a correct answer before the timer runs out, the opposing team may challenge and offer 1 guess to the correct answer themselves.

If the challenging team is correct, they get the card. If they guess wrong, no one gets the card and it is returned to the deck.

End of the Game

The first team to collect five cards wins the game. REMEMBER: of the 5 cards, there MUST be at least 1 card from each category for the win to count.

Dos And Don'ts when drawing

You can...

  • Draw anything related to the word, no matter how tenuous the link.
  • Break words down into a number of syllables.
  • Draw "dock" for "doc", or "bear" for "bare", etc.

You cannot...

  • Use "ears" for "sounds like".
  • Use letters or numbers.
  • Speak to your teammates.


How precise an answer must be is up to the teams playing and should be agreed upon at the start of the game.

For example, a Picturist is given the Action! clue

"Slay a Dragon", and draws a dragon and then acts out stabbing the dragon. If a teammate says "kill a dragon" instead of "slay a dragon", it must be decided upon before the game if that kind of answer would count or not.

The pen may stain or stick to some surfaces. Protect play area before use.

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