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  • 12 dice
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first team to win two of three rounds.


Choose teams. Each round will need one Picturist (drawer) on each team. All play is head-to-head so each team will be playing each round. It might get noisy!

These rules will be used as a screen between the two teams. Set it up between the Picturist and the teams so that only the Picturists can see the dice.

Game Play

Randomly choose 3 of the purple dice and 3 of the orange dice. One of the Picturists should roll all 6 of these dice.

Now the craziness begins!

The Picturist from each team will choose 1 word from the orange dice and 1 word from the purple dice to draw. Teams can begin guessing as soon as the Picturists begin. Are you drawing the same word as the other Picturist? Who knows?!?

The first team to shout out BOTH WORDS gets to take the 2 dice with those 2 words on it.

It might have been a word you were trying to draw so you have to start from scratch with the remaining 4 dice.

Now the same Picturists have to start again by choosing 1 word from the remaining orange dice and 1 word from the remaining purple dice to draw.

End of the Game

The first team to get 4 of the 6 dice wins!

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