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Pictionary Game

Count on big laughs when you and your friends get together to find out who's an artist and who really isn't! In this quick-draw classic, the guesses can be just as hilarious as the sketches as you use markers to draw your best rendition of the clue on the card.

You have one minute to convey what's on the card. Is it an animal A person An action Just what is that word you're drawing If your team members just aren't getting it, try a different direction.

You never know what kinds of clues might trigger the answer. You take turns drawing, so all players get to channel their inner artists! And the laughs just keep coming!

Pictionary Jr

This version of America's favorite quick-draw game is designed for kids 7 to 12.

Each card has a theme that gives the guessers an instant hint.

The words are geared for a younger player's vocabulary, and the cards feature two levels of play.

It's a great way for kids to enjoy their own game of Pictionary, or to play with the whole family.

Check out the fresh cardware. Includes gameboard, timer, 2 playing pieces, 2 pencils, pad of paper, 144 cards (1,440 words), die and rules.

Pictionary Card Game

Pictionary meets Charades in the craziest card game ever, with no drawing required!

Pictionary meets charades in the craziest card game ever, with no drawing required. Race to act out clues for your team using nothing but the simple images on each Picture Card, combine them, build scenes with them or use them as props.

The first team to guess the correct answer in head-to-head play wins a point, and the first team to score 5 points wins the game. For 2 teams.

Pictionary: Showdown

Innovative new way to play Pictionary game with an exciting speed challenge

If you love quick sketches and hilarious guesses, you'll be wild for Pictionary Showdown, the classic game now built for speed! Teams get credit for how fast they solve a clue by pressing a countdown button when finished.

Lights and sounds enhance the action and create an exciting, game show feel. If you're behind, don't worry - once you are under a minute, clues become "all play" which will give your team a chance to catch up!

It's creative, fast and stimulating - from start to finish!

Pictionary Team Relay

The irresistible game of drawing and guessing just got even more exciting! Pictionary Team Relay game brings everyone together as your team tries to draw and guess 4 CLUES in 1 MINUTE!

Multiple teammates draw on every turn as you pass the Disc Holder from one player to another in a race to beat the clock.

Strong teamwork and communication is key - but sharing laughs together is the reward! Includes 50 cards with over 750 clues, sand timer, card spinner and instructions

Pictionary: Frame Game

The beloved game of quick sketches and hilarious guesses now features three innovative, new ways to play!

Mirror, Mirror: trace on one side of the window while your teammate follows along with a marker on the other side; Action: pull your clue, then use the window to act it out; Classic: the Pictionary game you know and love.

It also features a large group display, stand, timer, and pen. With 750 clues, the guesses can be just as hilarious as the sketches!

Pictionary: Dice Game

PICTIONARY Dice Game: The Pictionary Dice Game is a fast-rolling twist on the fast-drawing picture-guessing game

For each round, three subject dice and three descriptor dice are rolled by the players selected to draw that round.

The artists then choose a combination between each of the two die categories and furiously draw so their team can guess.

Teams score points by successfully drawing and guessing combinations before opponents do. The first team to correctly guess five combinations wins. It's fast-drawing fun.

Pictionary Air

Introducing Pictionary Air, a hysterical way to play the classic family drawing game! Draw in the air, then see it on screen in this exciting twist on the quick-draw class.

Download the Pictionary Air app to your smartphone or tablet to get started. Point the in-app camera at the illustrator and they'll appear, along with their sketch, on the screen on your smart device.

Please check the Pictionary Air support page for device compatibility. Pictionary Air includes: Light-Up pen Clue cards On/off switch Requires 1 AA Alkaline Battery 876940

Pictionary: Bend-a-Clues

It's Pictionary with a twist

There's a new, innovative way for kids to play in the world of pictures

Use the bendable tubes to create, perform, and guess hilarious clues

Features bendable "drawing " tubes to help perform one the of many clues from the deck of 100 dual-sided cards included

Includes bendable tubes, 100 dual-sided clues cards, game timer and a base unit for storage

Pictionary Man: Electronic

Are you looking for big laughs at your next game night? Then, you better call the Man - Pictionary Man!

It's like Pictionary and Charades fused into the world's wildest game ever! Peek at the display on the bottom of the little guy's foot to get your word or phrase.

Then, sketch directly on the Man and his props, and use them to act out the answer before the buzzer goes off!

How would you draw these: Kick the bucket, bikini waxer, umpire or heartburn? Draw your own conclusions. Literally.

If you happen to fall behind, don't worry! You can catch up in the Challenge Round. It's fast and frenetic, cause you never know what he'll have you drawing next!

Pictionary Man: Double Draw Game

Pictionary Man just doubled the fun! This version of the beloved Pictionary game includes game pieces and ways to play. Split into two teams-each team gets its own Pictionary Man to draw on.

Youngest player gets to choose between All Play and Pictionary Pairs, and the first team to guess the clue before the sand timer runs out wins the card! In All Play, both teams share the same clue.

In Pictionary Pairs, each team draws one part of a paired clue (Bride & Groom, Cops & Robbers). Winning team guesses the entire phrase! First team to win three of each type of card (All Play and Pictionary Pairs) wins the game.

Hasbro Gaming Pictionary Jr

Pictionary Junior is the fun-filled game where clues are sketched and teammates have to quickly guess the word.

Each card also has a theme that gives a hint to the word being sketched.

You don't have to be an artist to play - all you need is a little imagination and a fast pencil! How fast can you draw an apple pie, an eyebrow, or a coin?

It takes a quick hand and good guesswork to move around the game board from start to finish before the other team.

Pictionary: Disney - DVD Game

The Disney DVD version is geared toward kids and has been created with hundreds of characters, places, and things from the vaults of the renowned kid-friendly empire.

In this classic game of quick draw, players try to correctly guess the identity of words and phrases that are being sketched before anyone else.

It takes a quick hand and good guesswork to beat out opponents who are thinking along the same lines as you. To make the fun even more engaging, there is an included DVD with this version that provides a new twist.

When a game card reads "DVD", have the disc ready in a player, grab the remote, and be prepared to shout out your answer first as a studio animator draws images for you to see on your television screen.

Pictionary: Disney

Disney Pictionary Game: Disney Pictionary is the all new way to play in the world of pictures.

With all play game modes, the entire family will be engaged during every moment. Players draw, use charades or make sound effects to get opponents to use the slap hands (with suction cups) to grab the correct card the fastest and win the game.

With more than 400 clues and three ways to communicate, the entire family will have hours of fun with their favorite Disney icons.

Includes 200 picture cards, 4 slap hands, 2 Mickey-styled dry erase boards, 2 dry erase markers, 1 die, 1 wipe cloth and instructions.

Pictionary Party Edition

The Pictionary Party Edition does not contain a gameboard.

Instead the game comes with a double sided easel, 100 new subjects, 2 dry erase pens and a timer. (all of the components fit within the easel).

Play consists of both teams going at once (similar to an All Play). The first team to get 12 correct guesses wins the game.

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