Rating: 6.6 Good
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 90 minutes

Created by: Andrea Chiarvesio, Luca Iennaco, Mad4GameStyle

Published by: Edge Entertainment, ElfinWerks, Fantasy Flight Games

Alternate Names: Königsburg, Кингсбург


Kingsburg is a dice rolling and worker placement strategy game with a medieval theme where players try to earn the favor of the king Tritus.

Players must gain resources, construct buildings, strengthen your defenses and train armies to defend their territory from the enemies that mass on the border.

The game takes place over 5 years for a total of 20 turns and at the end of each year you must battle enemies. Each season, you have 3 dice to roll which determines which advisors a player may influence to gain resources, military, and die bumps.

The resources are needed to purchase buildings, which grant special powers as well as victory points in the end.

After five years, the King will reward the player with the most victory points as most successful governor and he is the winner of the game.

Retail Price:$56
Kingsburg: Dice and Tokens (Black)
Kingsburg: Dice and Tokens (Blue)
Kingsburg: Dice and Tokens (Green)
Kingsburg: Dice and Tokens (Red)
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Ludoteca Ideale Official Selection 2008
Juego del Año Finalist 2008
International Gamers Awards - General Strategy; Multi-player Nominee 2008
Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee 2008
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Game Components

  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Province Sheets
  • 21 Six-sided Dice
  • 15 Disc Tokens
  • 60 Goods Cubes
  • 85 Building Tokens
  • 1 King's Envoy Marker
  • 20 "+2" Tokens
  • 1 Season Marker
  • 1 Year Marker
  • 25 Enemies Cards
  • Rulebook


Place the game board in the center of the play area. Place the season marker on the Aid from the King space (#1) of the Calendar Track and the year marker on the first space of the Year Track (with the Roman numeral "I"). Place the white dice and the "+2" tokens on their matching space on the game board. Place the King's Envoy marker on the #5 space of the Calendar Track. …

Statue and Chapel

You can activate both the Statue and the Chapel effects in the same season, but only once for each effect. For example, if you roll your three colored dice plus one white die and your result is 2,2,2,2, you can reroll one die thanks to the Statue effect (the Chapel won't help you because the total of all dice rolled is 8).

The reroll result is a "1". Now your total is 7, so you can reroll all dice (including the one just rerolled), but if the new total happens to be equal to or less than 7, or if you again roll four identical numbers, you can't reroll any more dice this season. Flip the building token on the Statue and/or Chapel to show that you have used it already for the current season. …

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