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Statue and Chapel

You can activate both the Statue and the Chapel effects in the same season, but only once for each effect. For example, if you roll your three colored dice plus one white die and your result is 2,2,2,2, you can reroll one die thanks to the Statue effect (the Chapel won't help you because the total of all dice rolled is 8).

The reroll result is a "1". Now your total is 7, so you can reroll all dice (including the one just rerolled), but if the new total happens to be equal to or less than 7, or if you again roll four identical numbers, you can't reroll any more dice this season. Flip the building token on the Statue and/or Chapel to show that you have used it already for the current season.


+0 in battle (becomes +1 only when fighting Demons).


You get one extra VP for every two goods you own at the end of the game (any combination of goods).


At the end of every summer season, remember to give a "+2" token to every player that owns an Inn (before starting Phase 5). The token awarded by the Inn can be used immediately to pay for the benefit of a Town Hall owned by the same player.


Example of how the Market works: you can use a group of dice whose combined total is 9 to influence advisor #8 or #10 (or you can choose not to use your Market and influence #9 instead).

Put the dice on the space matching the advisor you want to influence without changing the value of your dice. Remember that you can only use your Market once per season. Flip the building token on your Market space as a reminder that you have used that ability this season.


Important: you can't use the additional white die provided by the Farms by itself to influence an advisor. A white die must always be combined with colored dice. Also, remember to subtract one from your combat value during the winter battle if you have built the Farms.

Merchants' Guild

If you forget to take the free gold provided by the Merchants' Guild before rolling the dice, you won't receive any free gold that season... too bad!


You can use the ability to recruit soldiers for one good each multiple times. For example, you can pay a total of three goods to recruit three soldiers (and move your token on the Soldiers Chart forward three spaces).


+1 in battle (becomes +2 only when fighting Zombies).


When you influence the General (#10), you get three soldiers instead of two. When you influence the Sergeant (#5) or the King (#18), you get two soldiers instead of one.

Stone Wall

If your total combat value is equal to the enemy strength, you win the battle.


If, for example, you win a battle against an enemy whose reward is one gold, you receive one gold and one Victory Point.


+0 in battle (becomes +1 only when fighting Goblins).


Example of how the Crane works: if you have a Crane, building the Farms will only cost you one gold (instead of two), three wood, and one stone.

Town Hall

You can only use the Town Hall to purchase a VP once each season. So, you cannot pay a "+2" token and one good to get two VP, nor can you pay two tokens or two goods. In other words, you can only purchase one VP from the Town Hall each season.


You also receive the bonus VP provided by the Embassy at the end of each productive season at the end of the season you build the Embassy.

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