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Rating: 8.8 Excellent
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 90-120 minutes

Official Site: Game page Matagot

Created by: Jacques Bariot, Guillaume Montiage, Dimitri Bielak, Emile Denis, Nicolas Fructus

Published by: Matagot, Asmodee, Asterion Press


In Kemet, players each deploy the troops of an Egyptian tribe and use the mystical powers of the gods of ancient Egypt - along with their powerful armies - to score points in glorious battles or through invasion of rich territories.

A game is typically played to 8 or 10 victory points, which may be accrued through winning attacks, controlling temples, controlling fully-developed pyramids, sacrificing to the gods, and wielding particular magical powers.

The conquest for the land of Kemet takes place over two phases: Day and Night. During the day, choose an action amongst the nine possible choices provided by your player mat and perform it immediately. Once every player has taken five actions, night falls, with players gathering Prayer Points from their temples, drawing Divine Intervention cards, and determining the turn order before the start of the new day.

As the game progresses, they can use Prayer Points to acquire power tiles. Some of these enroll magical creatures and have them join their troops. In addition to intimidating enemies, these creatures provide special powers!

Detailed miniature components represent the combat units and the supernatural creatures that are summoned to enhance them. Combat is resolved through cards chosen from a diminishing six-card hand and enhanced by bonuses.

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In the Mythic age of Ancient Egypt, the powerful gods throw their troops into epic battles to demonstrate their power. In the desert or at the feet of gigantic temples, they use their many powers to support their troops, summon and control mythological creatures and gain the upper hand.


  • 1 Board
  • 48 Power Tiles (16 white, 16 red and 16 blue)
  • 7 Creatures: Sphinx, Phoenix, Mummy-Priest, Giant Scorpion, Royal Scarab, Deep Desert Snake and Ancestral Elephant
  • 35 Divine Intervention cards
  • 32 Battle cards including 2 specials
  • 53 Victory Points
  • 3 silver and 1 golden Action tokens

For each player (5 colors): …


In a game of Kemet, waiting is usually not a winning strategy. One of the most common ways to earn Victory Points is to win a fight as the attacker. This means that it is sometimes appropriate to abandon a position that seems good in order to push your luck and try attacking your opponent. It also means that each one of your troops is a potential target.

A Kemet game can be very fast (usually 4 to 7 turns), and even if you've accumulated many Powers in front of you, if your opponents are controlling the temples, retrieving Prayer and Victory Points at each end of turn, you may not achieve victory. …


Q: Can I Control A Creature Away From A Troop?

A: No, from the moment a creature is no longer accompanied by at least one unit, it returns to its card, in the player's reserve until the next recruitment.

Red Powers

Q: Divine Wound: Can I Discard One Of The Di Cards That I've Played With My Battle Card To Win +1 Strength?

A: No

Blue Powers

Q: Deep Desert Snake: Does The Deep Desert Snake Cancel All The Opponent's Creature Abilities Engaged In Battle?

A: Yes. If your troop, accompanied by the snake fights with a troop with another creature, it's as if this other creature doesn't participate in the battle. …

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