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Q: Can I Control A Creature Away From A Troop?

A: No, from the moment a creature is no longer accompanied by at least one unit, it returns to its card, in the player's reserve until the next recruitment.

Red Powers

Q: Divine Wound: Can I Discard One Of The Di Cards That I've Played With My Battle Card To Win +1 Strength?

A: No

Blue Powers

Q: Deep Desert Snake: Does The Deep Desert Snake Cancel All The Opponent's Creature Abilities Engaged In Battle?

A: Yes. If your troop, accompanied by the snake fights with a troop with another creature, it's as if this other creature doesn't participate in the battle.

Q: Prescience: Does My Opponent Have To Show Me The Di Cards He Wants To Play In Battle?

A: No. Prescience only allows you to know the Battle card of your opponent, not any DI cards.

Q: Act Of God And Divine Will: If A Player Has Both These Powers, Can He Play These Two Additional Tokens In A Same Turn?

A: Yes, he will then play 3 actions, one right after another. Reminder: Just like the action tokens, the additional tokens must be placed on free spaces.

White Powers

Q: Vision: Can This Effect Stack With The Divine Boon Or The Mummy Effect?

A: No. Only the first DI card is chosen among 5. The additional cards picked with another power aren't chosen among the 5.

Q: Vision: What Should We Do With The Player's 4 Rejected Cards?

A: We put them back on the draw pile and it gets reshuffled.

Q: Priest Of Ra: Does He Allow To Get Free Powers?

A: Yes. It's the same with the Priestress.

Q: Priest Of Ra: If I Raise One Of My Pyramids By Several Levels, Can I Save 1 Prayer Point Per Level?

A: No, the 1 Prayer Point saving is for the action. So for the Raising Pyramid action, you will only save 1 Prayer Point per action.

Divine Intervention

Q: Can I Play A Veto Against A Di Card Used In Battle?

A: No

Q: Does The Escape Allow Me To Move Toward The Space Where My Opponent Was?

A: Yes


Q: What Is The Function Of The Golden Space At The Top Of The Pyramid On My Personal Board?

A: It's the space where the Divine will Power token is placed. If you have it, it will be played each turn, at the same time as a regular token. You will choose then between two actions: Move or Recruit.

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