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In a game of Kemet, waiting is usually not a winning strategy. One of the most common ways to earn Victory Points is to win a fight as the attacker. This means that it is sometimes appropriate to abandon a position that seems good in order to push your luck and try attacking your opponent. It also means that each one of your troops is a potential target.

A Kemet game can be very fast (usually 4 to 7 turns), and even if you've accumulated many Powers in front of you, if your opponents are controlling the temples, retrieving Prayer and Victory Points at each end of turn, you may not achieve victory.

Nile's Delta

This is the most powerful area of the game. Depending on your game configuration, you will find a temple providing 5 Prayer Points and perhaps the Sanctuary of all Gods.

It is also an area of no return because there is not pyramid for teleportation, and the Nile is impassable.

Although this area seems dangerous, do not neglect it. Many decisive battles take place there, and it remains extremely beneficial during the course of the game.

Protect Your City

An opponent hasn't much interest in coming to invade your city in the early stages of a game. It does not gives him any Victory Points, or Prayer Points. At best, he may benefit from the level of your pyramids, if he does not possess them himself.

It is not necessarily worth keeping units in your city early in the game in order to protect it. Also, it is naturally protected by walls and by the fact that recruitment takes place there (which will make it easier if you want to remove an opponent from it).

On the other hand, from the moment you have a level 4 pyramid, you may attract the envy of your opponents, especially late in the game. But then again, if your opponent does not have the power Open Gates, you should be able to anticipate the action.

Recalling Units

After a battle, it is often tempting to hold the position and keep the control of a temple after a rough struggle. However, your troop may then be an easy target for an opponent. Indeed, a single unit on a temple almost automatically offers a Victory Point to the next player to attack you.

A troop recalled to the God allows you to recover Prayer Points for better recruitment and then re-attack.

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