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Rating: 8.6 Excellent
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 45-90 minutes

Official Site: Imperial Settlers game page at publisher´s website

Created by: Ignacy Trzewiczek, Tomasz Jedruszek

Published by: Portal Games, Arclight, Edge Entertainment

Alternate Names: Birodalmi Telepesek, Coloni Imperiali, Colonos del Imperio, Imperial Settlers: A Ascensão de um Império, Osadnicy: Narodziny Imperium


Imperial Settlers is a city building card game that lets players lead one of four factions (Japanse, Romans, Egyptians and Barbarians). The game is played over five rounds, during which players explore new lands, build buildings, trade resources, conquer enemies, and thus score victory points.

Settlers from four major world powers have discovered new lands with new resources and opportunities. All four factions move here at once to expand the boundaries of their empires. They build new buildings to strengthen their economy, excavate mines and farm fields to gather resources and build barracks and training grounds to train soldiers. They soon discover the area is far too small for everyone and war ensues.

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Game Components

  • 1 Score Board
  • 4 Faction Markers
  • 1 Round Marker
  • 4 Faction Boards
  • 220 Cards
  • Goods Markers & Tokens
  • 1 First player Marker
  • 4 Egyption Special Tokens


Before the first game, cards should be unpacked and sorted according to their type - separate Common cards and cards of each Faction into individual stacks. After the game we recommend to keep each type of cards separately to speed-up the setup for future games.

The following rules refer to a game for 2-4 players. Rules for the single player game can be found on here. …

Every time a Location gives you VPs, immediately adjust your score on the Victory Point track.

Gold tokens can be used instead of any Resource (Wood, Stone, Food), but not the other way around. Gold tokens cannot be exchanged for Resource markers.

Each time you receive Resources, Workers or tokens, you should take them from the general supply, unless stated otherwise.

Whenever you discard Resources, Workers or tokens, they are returned to the general supply.

Resources, Workers and tokens in a player's supply must be visible to all players. …


This Location has no building cost so you can build it for free, but it still requires you spend your turn taking the Build Location action. The Ruins card has no type (color), nor can it be razed.


When you activate its Action you immediately build a Faction Location. You still have to pay the building cost of the Location, except that you do not discard a Location from your Empire if it's required.


According to the rules when you activate an Action Location you place the Goods spent on the Location card, but covering the Location with another card would be very inconvenient, so we recommend to discard the card and take a Worker from the general supply to indicate that the Action was executed. …

In the solo game, you play against a virtual player. The virtual player: does not choose a Faction, does not take a Faction board, does not receive any Goods, does not place a Faction marker on the Score Board.

Goal of the Game

Your goal in a solo game is to build more Faction Locations in your Empire than the virtual player collects cards during the 5 rounds of play. During the game, track your Victory Points scored just like in a normal game. …

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