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Alternate Lookout Phase

Each player draws the top card from his own Faction deck and adds it to his hand. Then players put their cards from their hand face down in front of them and each one draws 3 Common cards. Each player selects one card out of 3 and adds it to his pile of face-down cards.

After everyone has picked one card in this way, players pass their remaining two cards to the next player in a clockwise direction. Now each player selects one card from these two, adds it to his face-down stack of cards and discards the last one.

Then players retrieve the face-down cards in front of them and they become their hands.

Note: You can check the cards in your face-down stack at any moment.

Advanced Lookout Phase

Draw the top 5 cards from the Common deck and place them face-up in the center of the playing area. Players are now ready to select cards. Starting with the first player and proceeding clockwise, each player will select 1 card from the revealed set until all players have selected 2 Common cards, following the rules set out below.

  • In a 2-player game, take your cards as follows: In clockwise order, the player pick a card, starting with the first player. The last card is discarded without further effect.

  • In a 3- or 4-player game, take your cards as follows: The First player picks a card from the 5 face-up cards. Then each other player, in clockwise order, pick a card from 4 cards.

Note: Immediately draw and reveal a new card for third and fourth players so they always have four cards to choose from. This means that after the last player chooses a card, there should only be 3 cards for the next round of drafting.

  • Once every player has drawn 1 card, then the first player chooses a second card from three cards.

  • Then all others players, in clockwise order, pick a card out of 3 cards, again revealing a new card as needed so that all but the last player always has three cards to choose from.

  • The last player chooses a card from the last 2 cards remaining.

  • The last card is discarded without further effect.

Example of the Lookout Phase in a 3-player game

In a 3-player game the first player chooses his first card from 5 cards, and the second player chooses from 4. After adding one card from the deck, the third player also chooses from 4 cards.

Now the first player chooses his second card from the remaining 3 cards, just like the second player, after adding one from the deck. The third player (the last one in this case) chooses from the last 2 cards, discarding the remaining card.

Peaceful Variant

For players who don't like negative interaction in games, there is also a Peaceful variant. Use the standard rules with the following changes:

  • In the first step of the Lookout phase, each player not only draws 1 Faction card, but also 1 Common card before they continue to the drafting part.

  • During the game, players cannot Raze enemy Locations, only cards from their hands.

  • Only when a card ability allows players to Raze enemy Locations is razing allowed.

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