Rating: 8.7 Excellent
Players: 1-5 players
Playing time: 90-120 minutes

Official Site: Terraforming Mars official page

Created by: Jacob Fryxelius, Daniel Fryxelius, Isaac Fryxelius

Published by: FryxGames, REBEL.pl, Schwerkraft-Verlag

Alternate Names: Terraformacja Marsa


Humanity has begun to spread throughout the solar system. On Mars, a few small colonies have been built. These offer protection from the environment, from a planet which is terribly cold, dry, and with almost no atmosphere.

To be able to increase immigration from Earth, Mars needs to be terraformed by altering its environment until humans can live there without expensive protective gear, and without even minor accidents becoming lethal. Therefore the World Government has decided to support any organization that contributes to this vast undertaking.

The generous funding attracts gigantic corporations that compete to expand their businesses and emerge as the most influential force behind the terraforming. In this era, great opportunities lie in the taming of the Red Planet.

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In Terraforming Mars, you control a corporation, and you buy and play cards describing different projects.

The projects often directly or indirectly contribute to the terraforming process, but can also consist of business enterprises of different kinds. In order to win, you have to accumulate a good terraform rating (TR) and many victory points (VPs).

Your TR is increased each time you raise a global parameter (temperature, oxygen or ocean). Your TR determines your basic income, as well as your basic score. As the terraforming process proceeds, more projects become feasible. Additional VPs are awarded for anything enhancing mankind's grip on the solar system. This can be anything, from founding cities to building infrastructure, or protecting the environment. …

Corporate Era (Extended Game)

To play the extended game, simply add all cards marked with a red and white icon () on the cards' lower left border at the start of setup, including 2 new corporations. Players start with no extra production of resources. Corporate Era can be combined with any of the other game variants.

Corporate Era focuses on economy and technology. These are projects that do not contribute directly to the terraforming, but make the corporations stronger, adding new strategic choices to the game. …

Victory Points

You win the game by having the most Victory points (VPs). VPs are scored for your Terraform rating, from tiles on the map, from Milestones and Awards, and from many of the cards.


Terraforming Mars is about making Mars earthlike enough to live freely on it. There are 4 parameters on the game board connected to this process: Terraform rating, temperature, oxygen level and ocean coverage.

Terraform Rating (TR) is the measure of how much you have contributed to the terraforming process. Each time you raise the oxygen level, the temperature, or place an ocean tile, your TR increases as well. …

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