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Untold riches await you inside the pyramids of the Ancients-but they are well protected. An undying Mummy guardian spreads a vile curse to those who would rob its tomb. And, inevitably, the treasure has attracted a dragon. Can you escape the fearsome Croxobek?


  • 2 Ankhs
  • Dragon Marker
  • 40 Dungeon Deck cards
  • Double-sided Game Board
  • 2 Major Secrets
  • 2 Minor Secrets
  • Mummy card
  • Pyramid die
  • Mummy marker
  • The Supreme Monkey Idol
  • Market Board
  • 24 Curse tokens
  • Instructions


Clank! The Mummy's Curse includes a new game board you may use for adventures beneath the sands.

If you use a board from The Mummy's Curse:

  • The board is divided into four zones. Each zone has a space for the Mummy marker (unconnected to any room), marked by its own symbol. At the start of the game, place the marker in the space for the Vt zone.

  • Place the new Mummy monster card in Reserve, next to the Goblin.

  • Place the pyramid die next to the board.

  • Place the Supreme Monkey Idol in the marked space on the board.

  • Mix the new Major Secrets (Mummy's Treasure, Mummy's Chalice) and Minor Secrets (two Scarabs) with the original Secrets when you shuffle and place them on the board. If there aren't enough spaces on the board to place all your Secrets, return any extras to the box without looking at them.

Whether you use a board from The Mummy's Curse or a different board:

  • Place the Market Board beside the board. This becomes your Market area; place all Market items on it.

  • Place the two Ankhs with the other Market Items on the Market Board.

  • Place the 24 Curse tokens in the Bank next to the board.

  • Shuffle the 40 new The Mummy's Curse cards into the Dungeon Deck. For your first game of The Mummy's Curse, we recommend you do not include cards from the Sunken Treasures expansion in the Dungeon Deck, but you are free to mix expansions as you choose.

Setup is otherwise the same as with CLANK! A Deck-Building Adventure.

Inside the Tomb


During play, you may be forced to take a Curse token from the Bank. There are also ways to remove a Curse (from yourself, never from an opponent), returning it to the Bank.

Each Curse you have at the end of the game decreases your score by 2 points.

Some tunnels on the new board are marked with one or more Curse icons. If you move through such a tunnel, you must take a Curse token for each Curse icon shown.

The Mummy

Like the Goblin, the Mummy is a monster that isn't discarded when defeated. Each side of The Mummy's Curse board is divided into four zones: three in the Depths and one above them. You can fight and defeat the Mummy only when its marker is in the same zone as your current room.

There are two ways to defeat the Mummy, each with its own reward. If you use two Swords, you gain 4 gold and take a Curse. If you use three Swords, you remove half your Curses (rounded up).

Curse tokens aren't meant to be limited. If you run out, make any acceptable substitution.

Each time you defeat the Mummy, you then roll the pyramid die to determine in which zone to place it next. If the Mummy moves (that is, it doesn't remain in the same zone), each player in a room its new zone takes a Curse.

Some cards have Arrive text which directs you to roll the pyramid die. This moves the Mummy in the same way.

You can defeat the Mummy more than once during your turn (though you may have to follow it to another zone to do so).

The red player is in a room in the zone, where the Mummy marker is currently located. She has 2 Swords, and uses them the defeat the Mummy. She takes 4 gold and a Curse token from the Bank.

After defeating the Mummy, the red player rolls the pyramid die. The result is , so the Mummy marker is moved to that zone.

The blue player is in a room in that zone, so he takes a Curse.

The red player finishes her turn, and then the empty spaces in the Dungeon Row are refilled with new cards. One of those cards is Whiskersphinx. Its Arrive text says to roll the pyramid die.

The result is again, so the Mummy marker stays where it is. The blue player does not take another Curse, because the Mummy did not move.

New Secrets

Mummy's Treasure and Mummy's Chalice

These two Major Secrets are similar to secrets from the original game: the Greater Treasure (worth 5 Gold) and the Chalice (worth 7 points). In addition, when you find one, roll the pyramid die and move the Mummy accordingly.


Keep this Minor Secret when you find it-it's worth 3 points at the end of the game. Roll the pyramid die and move the Mummy accordingly.

The Supreme Monkey Idol

The Supreme Monkey Idol is a new token worth 10 points. Though it's more valuable than other monkey idols, it is treated just like one in all other respects.


A new Market Item is now available. You may buy an Ankh as you do other Market Items. When you do, you heal 1 damage. It costs 7 gold to purchase, and is worth 7 points at the end of the game.

Taking an Artifact

In the original rules for CLANK!, artifacts are acquired as you would any other token in a room: you choose to pick one up when you first enter.

That rule has been revised (whether playing this expansion or not): you choose to take an artifact as an action during your turn, even if you didn't just enter the artifact's room.

Examples: You may enter a room with an artifact on one turn, then (as long as you're still in that room) choose to take that artifact on a later turn.

Also, if you're already carrying an artifact, then enter a Market room that contains another one, you may first buy a Backpack, then pick up the artifact.

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