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If you have an insatiable thirst for plunder, CLANK! EXPEDITIONS is for you: a series of boards to continue your deck-building adventures.

This expedition takes you deep into the jungle, where the fabled Temple of the Ape Lords is said to reside. Valuable relics of their lost civilization await you... as does an undying mechanical guardian the Ape Lords left behind.

Even when you find the temple, navigating its mechanized passages may prove trickier than you expect!


  • Boss Marker
  • 18 Ape-aratus tokens
  • Double-sided Game Board
  • 4 Player Pawns
  • 2 Time Winders
  • 33-point artifact
  • 8 Rotation of Numerous Gears tokens
  • 9 Gear Tokens
  • 3 Campaign tokens
  • Instructions

New Adventures

Clank! Expeditions: Temple of the Ape Lords features a new double-sided game board for your deck-building adventures. Though each side has its own special rules, there are two game elements that both sides share:

The 33-point Artifact

When setting up the game, return the usual 30-point artifact token to the box. In its place, both sides of this board use the new 33-point artifact.

(All the normal rules for artifacts apply to this replacement).

The Time Winder

When setting up the game, place the two Time Winder tokens with the other Market Items.

When you purchase one of them from the market, immediately remove three cubes of your color from the Dragon Bag. The Time Winder is also worth 5 points at the end of the game.

Further setup is the same as with CLANK! A Deck-Building Adventure, except as noted later in the separate rules for each side of the board.

Welcome to the Jungle

These rules apply to games played on the Jungle side of the board.

Additional Setup

Place three ape-aratus tokens face-up on the Bronze Guardian (below the Clank! area): one cog, one monkey wrench, and one banana.

Take the 15 remaining ape-aratus tokens (five of each kind), shuffle them face down, then place one at random on each marked space on the tunnels between rooms. Once a token is placed, turn it face up so that players can see which kind of token is in each space.

Swinging on the Vines

Some tunnels on the board are marked with one or more Clank! icons. If you move along such a tunnel, you add 1 Clank! to the Clank! area for each of the icons. You don't add Clank! if you teleport along such a tunnel. If you have no cubes left in your personal supply, you may move without penalty.

Picking Up an Ape-aratus Token

Whenever you use Boots to move along a tunnel with an ape-aratus token, take it from the board and place it face up in front of you. You do not get to take an ape-aratus token when you use a teleport to move along such a tunnel.

Defeating the Bronze Guardian

The Bronze Guardian is a monster you can fight (though it's printed on the board instead of on a card).

When you spend 3 Swords to defeat it, you take any one of the ape-aratus tokens from it and place it in front of you.

Once all three of the tokens have been taken from the Bronze Guardian, there are no further rewards for defeating it.

Scoring your Ape-aratus Tokens

At the end of the game, the ape-aratus tokens you've collected add to your total score, as indicated just above the Bronze Guardian.

For each type of token (cog, monkey wrench, and banana), score the number of points shown for the number of tokens you've collected.

Example: At the end of the game, the red player has collected four monkey wrench tokens, scoring 16 points. She also has two cog tokens, worth 4 points, and one banana, worth 1 point. In total, she collects 21 points from her ape-aratus tokens.

Monkeying Around the Temple

These rules apply to games played on the Temple side of the board.

Additional Setup

Sort the nine gear tokens face down in three groups, according to their number of sides. Shuffle the three-sided gears, and also the four-sided gears.

Place the nine gear tokens in their corresponding spaces on the board, each in a random orientation (and, in the case of the three- and four-sided gears, in a random location).

Once the tokens are placed, turn them face up. Note that each gear has the symbol of one of the three ape-aratus tokens on its face (and these symbols are independent of the number of sides the gear has).

  • Shuffle the 18 ape-aratus tokens face down and deal three to each player. Players may look at their own tokens, but should not reveal them.

    Return the remaining tokens to the box without revealing them; they will not be used this game.

  • Shuffle face down the eight Rotation of Numerous Gears tokens (Rotation or RNG tokens, for short).

    Place one face down on each marked space of the Rage Track. Stack the other four on the marked space above the Rage Track (the one showing no cubes).

Moving on Gears

Each gear token has a different configuration of tunnels, connecting or disconnecting rooms on the board, depending on their orientation. You move through tunnels that include gear tokens the same as usual, except that some tunnels that lead to a gear may become "dead ends".

If the tunnel on the board doesn't line up to any tunnel on the gear, you can't move that way by any means (not even teleporting).

Some gears have tunnels that branch in two directions. Movement through these tunnels depends on which way you're traveling across the gear.

When moving from the bottom of this gear, you can choose which of the two tunnels you wish to take.

But you can't change directions on a gear. When moving toward the bottom of this gear, you must continue across to the next room.

Gear Rotation

Gears tokens rotate throughout the game, altering the ways that tunnels connect.

One way gears can rotate is by way of an action taken by a player during their turn (before or after other actions).

If you're in a room that's adjacent to a gear token, you may turn face up one of your ape-aratus tokens with the matching symbol (cog, monkey wrench, or banana) to turn that gear to any orientation you choose.

Return the ape- aratus token to the game box; each can be used only once per game. Unused ape-aratus tokens are worth nothing at the end of the game.

Gears can also rotate when triggered by the boss' rage level. Whenever the Boss Marker reaches a space on the Rage Track with a Rotation of Numerous Gears (RNG) token, reveal that token. Turn the indicated gears one rotation clockwise:

Rotate all three of the gears with the corresponding ape-aratus symbol.

Rotate all nine gears.

Rotate none of the gears.

If ever the rage level would increase, but the Boss Marker is already at the top space of the Rage Track (marked with five cubes), reveal one of the RNG tokens from the stack above the track and use it to rotate the gears.

Once an RNG token has been resolved, return it to box.


You can play a two-game campaign of CLANK! EXPEDITIONS: Temple of the Ape Lords, playing first on the Jungle side of the board, and then on the Temple side.

Begin by playing a complete game on the Jungle side of the board. At the end of that game, use each player's final score to award the Campaign tokens. The player with the highest score takes the 20-point Campaign token.

The second place player takes the 10-point token, and the third place player takes the 5-point token. The fourth place player (and all players who were knocked out in the Depths, scoring 0 points) receive no Campaign token.

Next, it's time to play on Temple side of the board. Set up everything as you would normally for the start of a game, with two exceptions. First, each player keeps the Campaign token they received at the end of the Jungle game. Second, they also keep all ape-aratus tokens they collected in that game (instead of receiving three random face-down tokens at the start of the game).

During your game in the Temple, you'll use the ape-aratus tokens you gathered in the first game to rotate gears. These tokens remain face-up (so all players know what you can do), but you still spend them normally, returning them to the game box once you use them.

At the end of the second game, calculate your score normally. You add the value of your Campaign token (received after the first game). You do not add any points for unused ape-aratus tokens. Whoever has the highest score is the winner of your campaign!

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