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If there's a cybernetic enhancement worth having, the ruthless Commander Preon has it. Eager to prove her worth to Lord Eradikus, she has built a research station on the edge of civilized space.

Since Cyberware is all the rage, the place makes a tempting target for you and your fellow thieves. Whether it's illegal, hazardous, or just plain fun, you'll find it on CYBER STATION 11.


  • Boss Marker
  • 2 Executive Escape Pods
  • 40 Adventure Deck cards
  • 6 Single-Sided Game Board Pieces
  • Instructions


When assembling the game board for CYBER STATION 11, you will not use any of the single-sided board pieces from CLANK! IN!SPACE! Instead, assemble the six single-sided pieces from this expansion in the pattern shown below.

A As with the original game, there are three positions for placing any of the double-sided, identically shaped module pieces (with either side face up). One such module (the Casino / Cyber Facility) is included in this expansion.

You may freely mix old modules and new, from CLANK! IN! SPACE! and any of its expansions, selecting any three to fill these spots and complete your board.

B You do not use the Blockade token from CLANK!IN!SPACE! Instead, place the two new 10-point Executive Escape Pod tokens on the marked space of the Rage Track. (Place the Bounty Hunter cubes and Boss Marker on the Rage Track as usual).

C The four 20-point Escape Pods from CLANK!IN!SPACE! go along the lower edge of the board.

D Shuffle the 40 new CYBER STATION 11 cards into the Adventure Deck from CLANK! IN! SPACE!

E The starting space for player pawns is at the center of the board.

The rest of the setup is the same as in CLANK! IN! SPACE!

Station Identification

In CYBER STATION 11, the action moves beyond Lord Eradikus' flagship. You're now aboard an experimental cybernetics research station full of new gadgets and technology.

You're once again looking to steal an Artifact token from the station's Command module. To bypass the force field protecting the Command module, you must hack two data ports in two different modules aboard the station (obtaining a Command Code token).

You must reach safety with an Artifact before your Health Meter is filled. Safety on Cyber Station 11 is found in two separate areas, instead of the single Cargo Bay module of CLANK! IN! SPACE! If you're knocked out anywhere else aboard the station, your score for the game is 0 points.

Cyber Station 11 has a Hyperlift, allowing rapid movement through the station.

Similar to the Hyperlift on Lord Eradikus' 1 flagship, you can't use it to enter the Command module until you possess a Command Code token, and you need a Master Key to pass through locks on the Hyperlift path.

(Unlike CLANK! IN!SPACE!, there is no Blockade token that plays from the Rage Track to restrict any Hyperlift access).

Executive Escape Pods

Preon is a bit more pragmatic than Eradikus. She has installed two Executive Escape Pods in the Command module of her station. When the Boss Marker reaches the space of the Rage Track containing the two Pod tokens, the security locks on these Pods are released: take the tokens from the Track and place them in the two marked spaces in the Command Module.

Once these Executive Escape Pods are made available, you will have six places on the board where you can make your escape. You may find it easier to reach the pods in the Command module - but note that they're worth only 10 points instead of 20.


Cyberware is a new card type introduced in this expansion. Like other cards you add to your deck, you acquire them from the Adventure Row, then draw and play them on later turns.

Unlike other cards, a Cyberware card can be permanently "installed". On the turn you play a Cyberware card, you may give up a Power Crystal (returning it to the Bank).

If you do this, do not put the Cyberware card in your discard pile at the end of this turn or any future turn. Leave the card face up in your play area.

Each time you take a turn, the installed Cyberware generates its resources and provides its game text (as though you'd played it in addition to all the cards from your hand).

If you play a Cyberware card from your hand without installing it (because you do not have a Power Crystal or do not wish to spend one), you still receive its resources and game text for that turn. Discard the Cyberware at the end of your turn as you would any other card.

You may have any number of Cyberware cards installed at the same time. You may install multiple Cyberware cards on the same turn, but you must spend a Power Crystal for each one.

If you use the card Shapeshifter to copy a Cyberware card, you can't spend a Power Crystal to "install" the Shapeshifter. (Holding a single shape is hard; the Shapeshifter must revert to its liquid state at the end of your turn).

You may use the Sixth Crystal (Major Secret token) to install a Cyberware card. If you do, you must return the token to the box, giving up the points it would have been worth at the end of the game.

Controlled Expansion

We recommend that you do not mix cards from more than one CLANK! IN! SPACE! expansion in your Adventure Deck at the same time. (You're obviously free to ignore this recommendation and do what you like. Let us know how it goes, if you do!)

Each card from an expansion can be identified by a watermark in its game text box. (The watermark for Cyber Station 11 represents the face of Commander Preon).

You may use these watermarks to sort and remove cards when you wish to play without an expansion, or to remove them while you play as they're revealed from the Adventure Deck.

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