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The challenge to prove your thieving skills has moved to new environments. You'd better know how to swim, as several rooms you'll face have been completely flooded with water. Plus, of course, there's always an angry dragon to avoid...


  • Market Board
  • Double-sided Game Board
  • 35 Dungeon Deck cards
  • Goldfish card
  • 1 Major Secret
  • 2 Minor Secrets
  • 2 Scuba
  • Rulebook


Clank! Sunken Treasures gives you the option to replace the original Clank! game board with a new board.

If you use a Sunken Treasures board:

  • Place the two SCUBA tokens with the other Market Items in the Market area.

  • Place the new Goldfish monster card in Reserve, next to the Goblin. (It is not discarded when defeated. Each player may fight the Goldfish and/or the Goblin multiple times each turn, earning its reward each time).

Whether you use a new board or one of the original boards:

  • Mix the new Major Secret (Potion of Heroism) and Minor Secrets (Potion of Strength, Treasure) with the original Secrets when you shuffle and place them on the board. The Sunken Treasures board has additional spaces to place these extra secrets. When using the original board, simply return any extras to the box without looking at them.

  • Place the Market Board beside the board. This becomes your Market area; place all Market items on it.

  • Shuffle the 35 new Sunken Treasures cards into the Dungeon Deck.

Setup is otherwise the same as with the original game.

Tools of the Trade


A new Market Item is now available-the SCUBA (Sorcery-Created Underwater Breathing Apparel).

During play, you may buy SCUBA as you do other Market Items. It costs 7 gold to purchase and is worth 5 points at the end of the game.


Many rooms on the new board are flooded with water. If you begin your turn in a flooded room, you need to come up for air! At some point during

the turn, you must enter a room that is not flooded. If you end your turn without doing so, you take one point of damage... but you avoid this damage if you possess SCUBA. (If you have no Clank! cubes remaining and must take damage, you are knocked out).

Tunnels between two flooded rooms are marked with a new icon. To move through such a tunnel, you must either spend two Boots OR spend one Boot if you possess SCUBA.

Clank! Tunnels

Some tunnels on the new board are marked with one or more Clank! icons. If you move through such a tunnel, you must add Clank! to the Clank!

Area equal to the number of icons in the tunnel. (In Sunken Treasures, these represent the splash you make diving into the water). You don't add the Clank! cubes when you teleport along these passages.

If you have no cubes left in your personal supply, you may move without penalty.

Treasure Rooms

Some rooms on the new board have a gold icon. When you enter such a room, you gain the amount of gold shown.

Potion of Heroism

This new major secret is used during your turn to gain 1 Boot and 1 Sword, and to heal 1 damage. (Keep until you use it, then return it to the box).


Many new cards provide an effect "when you discard this". You trigger these effects by discarding the card during your turn. You do NOT receive these effects at the end of your turn when you place the card in your discard pile (from your play area), or when you first acquire the card using skill.

Example: You play Sleight of Hand ("Discard a card to draw two cards") You discard a Coin Purse. ("When you discard this, 5 ") You draw the two cards from Sleight of Hand, and gain from Coin Purse.

Discarding is not generally optional, but you can avoid it by waiting to play a discarding card after you play other cards. When you do this, you don't get the benefits of discarding.

Example: You play four of the five cards in your hand, then play Climbing Gear last ("Discard a card to +"). You have no remaining cards to discard, so you don't get the +.

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