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Rating: 6.5 Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 30-60 minutes

Created by: Bruno Cathala, Charles Chevallier, Xavier Collette

Published by: Bombyx, Asmodee, Asterion Press


The Abyss power is once again vacant, so the time has come to get your hands on the throne and its privileges.

Use all of your cunning to win or buy votes in the Council. Recruit the most influential Lords and abuse their powers to take control of the most strategic territories.

Finally, impose yourself as the only one able to rule the Abyssal people!

Abyss is a game of development, combination and collection in which players try to take control of strategic locations in an underwater city.

To achieve this, players must develop on three levels: first by collecting allies, then using them to recruit Lords of the Abyss, who will then grant access to different parts of the city.

Players acquire cards through a draft of sorts, and the Lords of the Abyss acquired on those cards grant special powers to the cardholder - but once you use the cards to acquire a location, that power is shut off, so players need to time their land grabs well in order to put themselves in the best position for when the game ends.

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Abyss: Anglerfish
Abyss: Key Monster Tokens
Abyss: Kraken
Brettspiel Adventskalender 2015
Origins Awards Best Board Game Nominee 2015
As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année Nominee 2015
Tric Trac Nominee 2014
Golden Geek Best Card Game Nominee 2014
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  • 20 Location tiles
  • 35 big size Lords cards (65x100mm)
  • 71 small size Allies cards (42x63mm)
  • 50 plastic pearls
  • 20 Monster tokens
  • 10 Key tokens
  • 1 game board
  • 1 score pad
  • 5 Shell plastic cups
  • 1 Threat Track
  • 1 Threat Token
  • 1 rulebook


1. Place the game board in the middle of the table.

2. Shuffle the Exploration cards and form a face down deck on the Exploration Track.

3. Shuffle the Lord cards and form a face down deck on the Lords space. Then, turn over the top six cards and place them in the Court. …


When recruited by a player, each of that player's opponents checks the number of Allies they have in hand. All players who have more than 6 discard the excess (they choose which cards to discard).

As long as the Commander is free in front of its owner, opponents can continue to add Allies to their hand (by exploringthe depths, of requesting the Council's support). But, at the end of their turn, they will have to choose which Allies to discard if they've gone over the limit of 6 Allies in their hand. …

Affiliate: keep in front of you the weakest Ally used during a recruitment.

Ally: card from the Exploration deck which represents a squid, a seahorse, a shell, a jellyfish, or a crab, with a value of 1 to 5.

Council: area of the board where. Race by Race, the Allies who were not kept during the Exploration of the depths phase are gathered.

Court: area of the board where Lords waiting to be recruited are placed.

Explore: reveal one at a time the cards from the Exploration deck on the corresponding area of the board (Exploration track) to try to find the Ally best suited for your purpose. …

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