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When recruited by a player, each of that player's opponents checks the number of Allies they have in hand. All players who have more than 6 discard the excess (they choose which cards to discard).

As long as the Commander is free in front of its owner, opponents can continue to add Allies to their hand (by exploringthe depths, of requesting the Council's support). But, at the end of their turn, they will have to choose which Allies to discard if they've gone over the limit of 6 Allies in their hand.


The Lords targeted by the Assassin are rotated 90° to show that ONLY their Influence Points are taken into account at the end of the game, as their Power and any Keys they may have no longer have any effect.

However, Lords thus attacked by the Assassin remain free, and can be discarded by the effects of the Traitor or of the Schemer.The Lord which then enters play as a replacement is no longer affected by the Assassin, and can therefore use any Powers or Keys it may have.


When a player chooses to fight a Monster while the Threat token is on the first space of the Threat track, that player still gets the reward linked to that space.

Master Of Magic

When recruited:

  • The conditions of the recruitment are fulfilled. As a consequence, the weakest ally is affiliated.
  • THEN the Lord comes into play and can use his Power.

This Power therefore only has an effect on future recruitments, as the Ally affiliated during his recruitment was affiliated before the Master of Magic came into play.

Traitor And Schemer

When a player recruits one of these two Lords, that player can use their Power on any one of their other free Lords, meaning one not already used to control a Location.

Specifically, Lords affected by the Assassin can also be targeted by the Traitor and the Schemer (see Assassin).

The player can immediately use the Power of the new Lord which has come into play as a replacement.

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