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Affiliate: keep in front of you the weakest Ally used during a recruitment.

Ally: card from the Exploration deck which represents a squid, a seahorse, a shell, a jellyfish, or a crab, with a value of 1 to 5.

Council: area of the board where. Race by Race, the Allies who were not kept during the Exploration of the depths phase are gathered.

Court: area of the board where Lords waiting to be recruited are placed.

Explore: reveal one at a time the cards from the Exploration deck on the corresponding area of the board (Exploration track) to try to find the Ally best suited for your purpose.

Free: any Lord present in front of a player, and not used to take control of a Location is considered to be "free".

Guild: all of the Lord cards of the same specialty. There are six Guilds: the military in red, the merchants in green, the politicians in blue, the mages in violet, the farmers in yellow, and the ambassadors which are multicolored.

Influence Points: victory points.

Key: token gained by fighting a Monster or from a symbol printed on a Lord. A player must have three keys to take control of a Location.

Location: tiles representing the various strategic points of the Abyss. They offer Influence Point bonuses to those who take control of them with their Lords.

Lord: card representing a major creature of the Abyss, with incredible Powers.


  • Monster: card from the Exploration deck which represents a monster.
  • Monster token: token gained after having fought a Monster, and which is worth two, three, or four Influence Points.

Pearl: game currency.

Power: advantage granted by a Lord when a player recruits it.

Race: all of the Ally cards of a given type. There are five Races: the crabs in red, the shells in green, the squids in blue, the jellyfish in violet, and the seahorses in yellow.

Recruit: to pay the required cost to put in front of you one of the Lords currently at the Court.


  • Threat token: token moving on the Threat track. Its position determines the rewards a player earns when they fight a Monster.
  • Threat track: track on which the Threat token moves.

Treasury: reserve of Pearls used as a stockpile.

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