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  • Electronic Yahtzee Turbo game unit and Storage Base
  • 5 multi-colored dice
  • Deck of 48 Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to discard all of the cards in your hand.


  • Shuffle the cards and deal 5 faceup to each player.

  • All players arrange their cards in any order and keep them in a pile faceup in front of them.

  • Place the Big Die within easy reach of all players.

  • Each player rolls 1 die. The highest number goes first.

  • Slide the ON/OFF switch on the bottom of the Big Die to the ON position.

Game Play

Yahtzee Turbo is a fast-rolling, card turning twist to the classic Yahtzee game. Players take turns rolling the dice as fast as they can, while trying to match the hands on their Yahtzee cards.

On your turn:

  • On each turn, tap the Big Die once and follow its instructions.

  • Roll the dice as fast as possible and try to match the dice to the Yahtzee hand shown on the top card in your pile.

Making a Match...or Not

On each turn, roll the dice and try to match what you roll to the picture on the top card of your pile.

  • After you roll the dice, if ANY of them match the top card, place them aside and roll the remaining die (dice).

  • Once you match all dice to your card, immediately hit the Big Die to stop the clock! It will then tell you that you made it in time by saying something like 'Nice Roll" or "Awesome Job".

  • The Big Die will then tell you what to do: For example, "Discard your top card" or "Give your top card to another player". After you follow the game instructions, your turn is over.

  • If you didn't match the dice before time runs out, the game will also tell you what to do: For example, "Keep your top card" or "Draw another card". After you follow the game instructions, your turn is over. Better luck next time!

Note: Place any played cards off to the side to form a discard pile.

The Cards

There are six different card hands you will be rolling for in this game:


The Big Die may also call out and challenge you to call Yahtzee! You'll have 3 rolls try to get 5 of a kind! Good luck!

End of the Game

The first player to discard all of the winner.

Press and hold the Big Die for a few seconds to hear your congratulatory message!


For Younger Players
  • For players ages 6 to 8, use only the blue cards, while older players may use the red cards.

  • For parents playing with young children, deal 5 cards to the parent and 3 cards to the child.

For a Quick Game

If you're looking to play a shortened game, instead of dealing out 5 cards to each player, deal only 3.

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