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A large majority of the households all across the United States and quite a few in various other countries own their own set of the Yahtzee dice game.

This well-known game has earned such a high level of popularity over the last several years that it is actually hard to find a person that hasn't played or at least heard of the it.

With so many different men, women and children spending hours rolling the dice and trying to obtain high scores in Yahtzee, there have been several tips that many people have uncovered.

There have actually been quite a few tips discovered that have helped many people achieve super high scores while playing the Yahtzee dice game with family members and friends.

While there are some that play the game as a great activity for family night, there are others that choose to engage in head-to-head games that involve a lot of thinking and strategy.

In either case, using the 6 tips listed below is a great way to ensure some of the highest scores are received when the Yahtzee dice game is played.

Bad rolls of the dice

What to do with bad rolls of the dice - No matter how hard a person tries or how many times they blow on their dice for good luck, you can pretty much guarantee that there are going to be some bad rolls that come along.

It is best to try to avoid using the chance category in the lower section of the score pad until late in the game.

However, when a person rolls a bad roll towards the beginning of the game, there are times that there is no other alternative than using the chance category.

If a bad roll turns up and the chance is already filled in, then the best thing to do is to place an X in one of the Yahtzee spaces. Another alternative that a person may choose is to place an X in one of the other categories that are not nearly as easy as some of the others to roll.

Save 'Chance' for later

It is best to save the chance category for later on in the game whenever possible - Since there are no rules on the score that is placed in the chance category, a player shouldn't use this spot too early in the game.

Whenever a player rolls something that can easily be placed in another category, the chance category should be overlooked.

It is best to hold out as long as possible before using the chance slot and then a score should be used that simply cannot be put in another category.

Go for the High numbers

Always go for high numbers when trying to get a Yahtzee - When a player is trying to get a Yahtzee, they will want to always try to roll high numbers.

This is simply because if they don't succeed in rolling a Yahtzee, they'll have a better chance at being able to place a good score in chance or one of the categories in the upper section.

This may even help them to get the extra bonus points that are available in the upper section of the score pad.

Focus on the Upper Section

Stay focused on the categories contained in the upper section of the score pad.

In order to achieve a high score, the first thing a player should do is remain focused on the categories that are listed in the upper section of the score pad.

This is a step that will help in being able to achieve the 63 points that are required in order for a player to get the extra 35 bonus points.

These extra bonus points can help considerably when a player is trying to obtain high score on family night and those that are trying to win a match of head-to-head competition with a friend.

Luck is needed

A stroke of luck is always a huge plus - Just like gambling on the slot machines at a casino, being high scorer when playing the Yahtzee dice game also requires a certain amount of luck on the player's part.

Whether it is yelling out the numbers you would like to roll, carrying a rabbit's foot for luck or blowing on the dice before you roll them, any amount of luck can be a huge advantage when your goal is to get the highest score ever.

Go for more Yahtzee's

Don't be satisfied with just one Yahtzee, go for more - Rolling more than one Yahtzee may not be the easiest thing to achieve but putting the effort out there certainly can't hurt.

Just one Yahtzee is worth 50 extra bonus points, which can help significantly is raising a player's score.

However, a second Yahtzee can be doubly beneficial, as they are worth 100 extra bonus points.

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