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  • 5 Dice
  • Dice Cup
  • Scoreboard
  • Label Sheet
  • 20 Scoring Tokens
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Score the most points by rolling the dice and matching the Star Wars characters.


Each player takes 5 scoring tokens of the same color.

Note: There will be unused scoring tokens left over in 2- and 3-player games.

Put the 5 labeled dice into the dice cup. Put the scoreboard within easy reach of all players.

Game Play

Score the most points by rolling the dice and matching as many of the same Star Wars characters as you can. On each turn you can roll up to 3 times. The more characters you match, the more you score!

The youngest player goes first. Play continues clockwise.

The number of players determines how many turns each player takes in a game.

  • In a 2-player game, each player has 5 turns (using all 5 character tokens)
  • In a 3-player game, each player has 4 turns (using 4 character tokens).
  • In a 4-player game, each player has 3 turns (using 3 character tokens).

On Each Turn...

  1. Roll all 5 dice.

  2. Set aside any dice that you want to keep.

  3. See the rules below for the special Yoda and Darth Vader dice.

  4. You can stop rolling and score after your first or second roll - or continue to roll up to 3 times, hoping to score higher!

  5. For your second and third rolls, you may pick up any or all of the dice and roll them again.

  6. You can change the character you are trying to match at any time!

  7. You must score after your third roll.

  8. This ends your turn.

Here's An Example Turn:

First Roll:

You rolled 2 Princess Leia dice, 1 Luke Skywalker, 1 Chewbacca, and 1 R2-D2.

First, you set aside the 2 Princess Leia. Then you re-roll the remaining 3 dice hoping for more Princess Leia dice.

Second Roll:

This time you rolled 3 Han Solo dice.

You decide to switch to Han Solo and re-roll the 2 Princess Leia dice.

Third and final roll:

On your third roll you matched one more Han Solo for a total of 4 Han Solo dice in 3 rolls!

So you'll put your Han Solo token on the Han Solo space in the number 4 column.


To score for your turn...

  • Add up the matching character dice you wish to keep.

  • Place the token from your set that matches that character on the scoreboard in the correct row and number column.

  • Your turn is now over.

Start playing! It'll all become clear. Check the special dice throws below, and more examples of scoring on the next page when you need to.

Special Dice


If you roll a Yoda, he's wild! He counts as any character.

For example, if you rolled 3 Luke Skywalkers, 1 Yoda, and 1 Han Solo, you could count Yoda as another Luke Skywalker, another Han Solo, or any character you want!

Darth Vader

Oh no, you've rolled Darth Vader!

Remove this die from any further rolls on your turn.

Token Rules

  • Once you place a token on a scoreboard space, it cannot be moved.

  • Only one token per scoring space is allowed!

  • If a character space that matches your score is taken, you must take the next lower available space (to the left) on that character's row/,

  • If you make a mistake, you may roll again, but keep an eye on the scoring tokens you have left.

Important: The more character scoreboard spaces that are taken, the less chance you have of scoring high! Try rolling for characters that give you the best chance to get some points!

Scoring example

2-Player Game: You're the Blue Player. Your opponent is the Green Player. You roll 5 Chewbacca dice!

You can't score 5 Chewbacca dice because your opponent has scored there - but you can score 4 Chewbacca dice!

Scoring Zero

If you can't place a token on the scoreboard after your third role, you must score a zero.

Place any one of your remaining tokens on its matching row in the 0 column.

Any token placed here scores zero.

  • For example, you are the blue player and have one Han Solo token left.

  • If you rolled 3 Leia dice and 2 Han Solo dice on your third roll but the yellow and green players have already scored and placed their Han Solo tokens in the 1 and 2 columns, you MUST place your Han Solo token on its matching space in the 0 column and score zero.

To score ZERO, place your token on
the character's place in the 0 column.

Important: Two or more players CAN place their tokens on the SAME character space in the 0 column.

End of the Game

After all turns have been taken and scored, players total their scores by adding up the column numbers above each of their tokens.

The player with the highest total wins!

Tie Fighter

In case of a tie, the tying players each roll all 5 dice. The player who rolls the most Yoda dice wins!


Han Solo Play

To play alone, take 5 turns and roll the dice, following the same rules. Use all 5 of your tokens you try to roll the highest scores you can!


Try playing all 5 turns in a 4-player game.

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