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Hasbro Yahtzee

"Roll it to the limit for the ultimate win with the Yahtzee Classic game. With a sleek shaker and 5 dice, you're ready to roll!

Take turns rolling dice to try to score combos. You get a total of 13 turns and may roll up to three times on a turn.

At the end of each turn, you must fill in one empty box in your column on the score card. The player with the highest grand total at the end of all 13 rounds wins.

Yahtzee Classic

It's up to the player whether they hustle for a full house or risk it all for a Yahtzee roll. Show it off, and let the dice fall where they may.

Game includes 5 dice and shaker that doubles as storage for easy clean up and travel. Yahtzee is a trademark of Hasbro.

Yahtzee Duels Star Wars Edition

Get ready for a duel! It's Rey vs. Kylo Ren in this intergalactic version of the Yahtzee game.

The Force is strong but who is stronger? Players match the symbols on their opponent's Force shield, as they try to penetrate all 4 pieces.

Classic Yahtzee, An Exciting Game Of Skill And Chance

Web exclusive! Update your game collection with winning moves classic Yahtzee.

Join the millions of players who love this fabulously famous dice game. An exciting game of skill and chance, Yahtzee makes thinking fun.

The game comes with an aluminum rimmed dice cup, score pads, 5 dice and bonus chips that help you keep track of how many times you yelled ' Yahtzee! "

Firefly Yahtzee Game

A Yahtzee game with a faithfully and artistically crafted Serenity model? Shiny!

Designed to appeal to Browncoats in all corners of the verse, our Firefly Yahtzee Game makes for a great board game or decorative collectors edition piece and features a faithful adaption of Serenity.

Yahtzee Handheld Digital Game

Roll the digital dice and rack up the scores in this addictive, fast-action Yahtzee Electronic game.

To win this portable, on-the-go dice game, you have to score against the combos on the screen.

Step up and roll anytime, anywhere with the Yahtzee Electronic Handheld digital dice game.

Yahtzee Free for All

With Yahtzee Free For All it's anyone's game on everyone's turn! Roll. Match. Take. Steal.Score. Win!

There's so much going on when you play Yahtzee Free For All, you're part of the action even when it's not your turn. Roll the dice to match cards with classic Yahtzee combinations.

Yahtzee Turbo

Ready to roll? Here's a fast-rolling, card-turning twist to the classic game. Turn a card, now roll, roll, roll until your dice match the pattern on the card.

The die detects your speed and adjusts to it! An electronic voice times you ¿ so roll fast! Be the first to discard all your cards and win the game!

Yahtzee Texas Hold' Em

There's a new shake on the popular Texas Hold 'Em game, with Yahtzee Texas Hold 'Em.

To keep with the Yahtzee tradition, dice replace cards and a Yahtzee hand wins the pot. Each player keeps their two dice hidden under the cup and place bets after community dice are revealed.

Once all five community dice are laid out, final bets are made and players' dice are revealed.

Yahtzee: Donkey Kong

Get ready to do a barrel roll with America's all-time #1 dice game. This special Donkey Kong Yahtzee includes DK's barrel as the cup and custom dice featuring Donkey Kong icons.

Roll your way to victory with classic dice combinations like full house, large straight and five of a kind.

Yahtzee: Borderlands CL4P-TP

Borderlands 2 video games favorite general purpose robot is ready to play YAHTZEE! So, show your enthusiasm and start rolling with YAHTZEE Borderlands CL4P-TP.

Play the classic game of YAHTZEE with your very own custom CL4P-TP dice shaker cup and roll with Borderlands dice.

Highly collectible and a perfect gift for Borderlands fans.

Battle Yahtzee Alien vs Predator

It's time to pick a side in Battle YAHTZEE ALIEN VS PREDATOR!

Players assume the character of Predator, Alien, Marine or Scientist and attack their enemies with classic dice roll combinations like Full House and Large Straight.

Featuring glow in the dark dice, Battle chance die, custom scoreboards, and special powers for each character.

Yahtzee to Go Travel Game

Comes with 100 score cards and game guide

Yahtzee Pocket Pogo Game

Electronic Handheld Yahtzee is a portable version of the classic shake, score, and shout dice game!

The sleek and compact design of Yahtzee Pocket Pogo means you can play the classic dice-rolling game anywhere and everywhere you go! At the touch of a button, roll the dice and see what's shakin'.

Feeling lucky? Roll again! Score 3 of a kind or full house, or roll again for a straight or a Yahtzee!

Yahtzee The Legend of Zelda

Get ready to become the hero of time with America's #1 dice game. Only you can save Princess Zelda and Hyrule for the forces of evil in the Collector's Edition of Zelda YAHTZEE.

80-Sheet Yahtzee Score Cards - 2 Pack

Keep the fun rolling on and on with these refill packs of Yahtzee game score cards.

Keep track of every Full House, Three of a Kind, Chance and of course each lucky Yahtzee roll.

Includes 2 packs, with 80 Yahtzee score cards per pack.

The Walking Dead Yahtzee

Play the classic shake, score & shout game or battle it out in apocalyptic Atlanta in the special edition of Amass the Walking Dead yahtzee.

Custom playing pieces including dice, game board pieces and character movers add a bloody twist as you roll high scoring dice combinations and fight for survival in a chaotic world.

YAHTZEE Rick and Morty Meeseeks

Meeseeks and Destroy your opponents in this special edition of Rick And Morty YAHTZEE featuring some of your favorite characters on custom dice and a collectible Meeseeks dice cup.

YAHTZEE National Parks

"Now adventurers can pack up their favorite dice game for on-the-go fun! Fun National parks symbols like a deer, tent, canoe, hiker, pine trees and binoculars replace the traditional dice pips.

Roll a hiker, pine trees, binoculars, tent and canoe - that's a large straight!this unique edition of America's #1 dice game features a custom National parks dice cup.

A portion of proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation. "

Yahtzee The Nightmare Before Christmas

Play America's all-time #1 Dice Game with The Nightmare Before Christmas YAHTZE.

Ready for you to shake it up are custom dice featuring frightful movie characters including the Mayor, Oogie Boogie, Sally and the Pumpkin King himself.

YAHTZEE: Doctor Who Dalek

he Daleks are invading America's #1 dice game in the Doctor Who Dalek Collector's Edition of YAHTZEE.

Exterminate your enemy as you roll classic dice combinations like a Full House and Large Straight with custom dice that feature iconic Doctor Who items.

If you roll five Sonic Screwdrivers, the Time Lords prevail in a high-scoring YAHTZEE with a Doctor Who twist.

Yahtzee MasterPieces NFL Green Bay Packers Shake

This NFL family Shake 'n Score dice game features a football-shaped dice shaker, five dice with team logo, and score sheets with team logo.

Yahtzee: Doctor Who Collector's Edition

The Doctor Who Collector's Edition of Yahtzee allows fans and collectors to roll custom dice featuring classic monsters from a custom TARDIS shaped dice cup and score through classic Yahtzee game play.

Yahtzee Hands Down

Keep your wits about you and your eye on the cards to win at this fast-paced Yahtzee card game!

All you have to do is collect dice cards to make classic combinations: 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, small straight, large straight, full house and Yahtzee!

Yahtzee Hands Down card game is portable, playable fun for the whole family Collect dice cards to get a Yahtzee.

Pokemon Yahtzee Jr.

Your child

YAHTZEE: The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug

Unlock the secret door to Smaug's lair with America's #1 dice game now with a Middle-Earth twist.

YAHTZEE: The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug Collector's Edition features a dice shaker replica of the goblet Bilbo Baggins successfully burgled from Smaug the Dragon and custom dice featuring iconic Middle-Earth images.

Yahtzee Flash

Your favorite game with a high-tech twist! Electronic Yahtzee Flash will seem to read your mind as you play - drop the dice, line up the numbers you like, and Yahtzee Flash re-rolls the others.

Choose from four ways to play - Poker, Max, Wild or Flash. Wow your friends or play on your own - and the portable game case lets you play on the go.

Yahtzee: Ghostbusters Slimer

American #1 dice game, Yahtzee has been slimed! shake the dice in a collectible Slimer dice cup, trying to roll classic dice combinations like a full house or large straight with custom dice that feature the Ghostbusters' equipment.

Roll five Proton packs for a Yahtzee with an inter-dimensional twist.

Pirates of The Caribbean Yahtzee

Play the classic shake, score & shout dice game or battle it out on the seven seas in this special edition of the pirates of the Caribbean Yahtzee.

Custom playing pieces including dice, game board and ship tokens add a unique twist full of pirate adventure as you roll high scoring dice combinations on the high seas!.

Yahtzee: Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man

Play as the invincible Iron Man in America's all-time #1 dice game.

Now with two ways to play, you can roll your way to victory with classic dice combinations like Full House, Large Straight and Five of a Kind!

Or play Battle Yahtzee to be the last man standing in The Avengers: Age of Ultron edition of Yahtzee.

Yahtzee: Avengers Age of Ultron

Ultron will stop at nothing to wipe out humanity! Now you can control Ultron in America's all-time #1 dice game - Yahtzee!

Roll classic combinations like Full House, Straight or Five of a Kind or play with the Battle die for added game play.

YAHTZEE: Fallout Vault Boy

Never be bored again when you play this highly collectable edition of the world's most exciting dice game, Yahtzee! featuring a Vault boy dice cup and customized dice.

YAHTZEE: Back to The Future

1 x Yahtzee Game - Back To The Future. 1 Collectible Flux Capacitor dice cup. 5 Custom Dice. Score Pad. Pencil. Rules.

Casino Yahtzee

Casino Yahtzee (1986).

Casino Yahtzee combines the suspense of a gambling game with the strategy of Yahtzee.

Fun and challenging game, great for ages 8 to adult.

Showdown Yahtzee

Add the challenge of a board game to the shake-and-score strategy of Yahtzee. Toss in a deck of cards, and you have got Showdown Yahtzee; a whole new dimension in dice games!

Contents: a game board, a felted dice tray, deck of 12 square scoring cards (Aces; Three of a Kind; Twos; Four of a Kind; Three; Full House; Fours; Small Straight; Fives; Large Straight; Sixes; Chance), a heavy-plastic dice cup, 5 black dice, a red die, 4 large button pawns (green, red, yellow, black), 100 small stack-able scoring plastic chips, and instructions.

Yahtzee Hands Down

It's the "Yahtzee Hands Down" Card Game! Keep your wits about you and your eye on the cards!

Re-roll by discarding cards you don't need and taking a chance on new ones! But here's the twist... pit your hand against another player's.

Score high and win the Combo card points! Great Yahtzee fun in a card game!


Can you roll the right combinations fast enough to beat the competition. With each round, decide which dice to keep on your first, second and third rolls, then roll again to match a card.

But you'll have to move fast, because you all roll together, and you have to hit the buzzer to lock in your score when you get a match and then everyone else has 5 seconds to lock in their own match.

Whoever has the high score after 13 rounds is the ultimate winner.

Yahtzee Detroit Red Wings

It's the only game where family and friends can enjoy classic yahtzee game play with a special nhl twist.

Yahtzee detroit red wings. Fans can shoot the puck and roll classic dice combinations like a full house, large straight and yahtzee. Play america's all-time #1 dice game.

Family Guy Yahtzee

To the Hindenpeter. Join Peter and Lois as they shake up Quahog with the Hindenpeter.

Play America's # 1 dice game with the Griffins.

Roll a Full House with Stewie, Brian ,Chris, Meg and Lois.

YAHTZEE: Plants vs. Zombies

Shake up winning combinations and dig into the action of America's all-time #1 dice game with Plants vs. Zombies Yahtzee.

Includes collectible Conehead Zombie dice cup and custom dice featuring Crazy Dave and powerful plants!

Yahtzee Electronic Hand Held

Roll the digital dice and rack up the scores in this addictive, fast-action YAHTZEE Electronic game!

To win this portable, on-the-go dice game, you have to score against the combos on the screen. Keep rolling the dice to get the highest score you can!

Triple Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a dice game of random chance, luck and skill.

Triple Yahtzee is basically regular Yahtzee except that there are three scoring columns for each game instead of the normal one.

Yahtzee Wild

Ready! Set! Roll! Electronic YAHTZEE game features a premium, easy-to-read touchscreen that helps get you in the game fast! Play the wild game variation and rack up even more YAHTZEEs and more points!

Yahtzee - Rustic Series

Roll for the ultimate win! The aim of the Yahtzee game is to roll dice combos and get the highest score.

Throw the dice to build straights, full houses, and five of a kind to get a Yahtzee score. The Yahtzee game has been a family favorite for many years.

This edition of the Yahtzee game features wooden dice and a metal shaker lid for a rustic look.

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