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Over the past several years, the dice called Yahtzee has become widely known among a countless number of people as one of the most enjoyed and addictive games available. One of the advantages of this game that attracts numerous people is that it can be played with just one player or with a group of people.

People of all walks of life, age groups and gender consider the dice game Yahtzee to be one of the best choices in activities to be used as a great experience for family fun time. Much of this is due to the large amount of thrills that this game can provide, that simply cannot be found in any other game of its type.

Before this game became well known as the classic and popular dice game of today that is played with five dice, it was actually invented by accident and played by a young Canadian couple. The creation of the game in 1954 was sparked by the play of other games of earlier times that were also played with dice.

A few of these games were known as Yacht and Generala. When the game was first invented, it soon became known as the game called Yacht. The reason for this particular name was because when it was first played, the couple and a few of their friends happened to be onboard a yacht.

The young Canadian couple and the friends that enjoyed playing the game of Yacht with them soon began spreading the rules of the game to just about everyone they knew. The men and women that learned the rules would then continue spreading the plays of this game to all the people that they knew and so on.

The Commercial Release of Yahtzee The commercial release of the popular dice game Yahtzee did not occur until the year 1956. This is when Edwin S. Lowe, famous game entrepreneur received permission from the Canadian couple to purchase the rights of the game. What is quite amazing is the amount they agreed upon was only equal to about 1,000 of the game's gift sets.

The fame of the Yahtzee dice game did not occur when it was first introduced onto the market. This however did not discourage Lowe, as he envisioned a great potential for the game within the market and he soon came up with a solution to the problem.

It was not very long before Lowe thought of an advertising strategy that would prove to be worthwhile. He started having Yahtzee parties organized for public play. This tactic gave numerous men and women the advantage and experience of being able to play the dice game firsthand.

It did not take long for many of these people to convert into enthusiasts of the game and the popularity and sales of the game began to grow significantly just by their word of mouth.

Lowe continued to own the rights to the Yahtzee game from 1956 to 1973. There would be several different changes the game would undergo while still in Lowe's ownership. The changes that occurred during this time were made to the appearance, the packing and the contents of the game.

During the time that Lowe owned the rights to the game; its commercial success was unremarkable. Over 17 years' time, Lowe enjoyed the success of selling 40 million games worldwide. The popularity of the dice game Yahtzee has not only continued to grow in the United States but it has also become just as popular in many other areas all around the world.

In 1973 the popular game manufacturer Milton Bradley purchased the rights of the Yahtzee dice game from Lowe. After this change of ownership, the game's popularity continued to be just as strong and well-liked as it ever was.

From the years 1973 until 1984, the ownership of the game of Yahtzee remained in the hands of Milton Bradley and the sales continued to climb. This soon made it one of the most popular dice games to be played throughout all of America and other areas.

In 1984, the Hasbro company, while is a multinational company that is well-known by the large number of board games and toys they manufacture, then purchased the rights to the Yahtzee dice game from Milton Bradley. After they had purchased the Milton Bradley Company, they made the decision to continue its operation under the name of Hasbro Bradley.

They continued the manufacturing of their toys and board games under this name until 1986. After this time, the name of the company was changed to Hasbro Inc.

There are now, somewhere around 50 million Yahtzee dice games that are sold each and every year.

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