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This game has a lot of details! Here are a few answers to common questions that have come up.

Attack and Defense Dice Pool: What is a dice pool? What if all Defense Dice are in use?

Your party shares the same general Attack and Defense Dice (white) that are used by the Baddies. Once in great while, the Defense Dice pool may run out (from dice on Baddies, Gearlocs, or in Backup Plans). If a party member runs out of Defense Dice to roll, others should exchange Defense Dice in their Backup Plans for Attack Dice to accommodate.

Attacking: What does it mean to "Attack" (for Baddies and Gearlocs).

Attacking is the act of rolling Attack Dice (white) on a target. Rolling Skills is not considered an "Attack" even if Skills do Dmg.

Baddie Skills with no "#": Some Skill definitions mention a "#", but I see no "#" on some of the Baddie Chips. Why is this?

Skills with no # are considered to be in their most basic form (i.e. Lashback is Lashback 1).

Baddie Active Stacks: I had to search for a Baddie in my Active Stacks, what happens now?

Some Encounters require you to face a specific Baddie or type, once found, shuffle your Active Stacks (except for any scouted Baddies) and place your scouted Baddies back on top of the stacks.

Break and Corrosive: How do they work exactly? Is it different for an individual or group?

The Skill "Break" forces you to Exhaust an Attack die that did Dmg to this unit. The act of Exhausting this die reduces your Attack Stat by 1 for this battle. The actual Attack die that is Exhausted is there to remind you of this. Corrosive triggers when this Baddie attacks. At that point, all Defense Dice that remain (after applying Dmg) in a target's Active slots must be Exhausted.

Encounter Deck is Visible: I can see the color and title of our next Encounter, is that ok?

Yes. Most Encounters will still be a surprise. If you want total surprise, you can cover the deck.

HP vs Buff HP: What is the difference?

A Gearloc's current HP is the amount of Health Chips your Gearloc literally has underneath it. Buff HP goes in a Gearloc's Prep Area and is not related to a Gearloc's HP. When determining weakest or strongest targets in battle, only use HP. Heals in TMB affect HP (not Buff HP) and cannot exceed Max HP.

KO'd Gearlocs: What happens when I am KO'd? Can I do anything at all?

When KO'd, your Gearloc chip and Initiative Die come off the Battle Mat and are placed in your Gearloc Prep Area. All slotted Active, Locked, and Backup Plan dice are cleared (Exhaust Skills) from your mat. Loot stays with you but is not usable while you are KO'd. Time to get your party some popcorn.

Multi-target Target Selection: If a Baddie has multiple targets (•($>) or ( 4*M, who will it target first?

This Baddie will target the weakest, then the next weakest. On ties, party can choose.

Reviving Gearlocs: How does Revive work?

Currently there are 2 Revive Skills in TMB, both belong to Patches. Liquid Life, if in a Gearloc's Active slot, will prevent that Gearloc from being KO'd. Otherwise, both Liquid Life and the Zappack allow Patches to bring a Gearloc back into the battle with # HP (as described on the back of Patches Reference Sheet).

Rolling Attack Dice: As a melee unit, can I roll Attack Dice (for a chance to roll Bones) even if I'm not adjacent to a Baddie?

No. Gearlocs, like Baddies, must have a target within attack range in order to attack (roll their attack dice).

Trading Loot while Lockpicking: Can we trade Loot after someone has made a Lockpicking Attempt?

Yes. Loot trading can happen any time during your Recovery Phase, even while in the process of Lockpicking.

Untargetable Units: Can Untargetable units still be damaged?

Yes. Untargetable units cannot be targeted but they can still take damage in other ways.

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